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  • "ARE5R06" started this thread

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Saturday, July 18th 2015, 6:44pm

Whats left on the To-Do-List to fix BF4 ?

Granted, its a harsh title, implying BF4 still needs to be fixed, which is not true as BF4 is in a pretty great state right now (Spring Patch).

I just want to know, which checkboxes on the To-Do-List still need to be done ?

Or any bugs/problems/issues the game still has ?

I am sure the (Hard-)Core symthicans can give me an answer. :)
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Saturday, July 18th 2015, 6:55pm

- M26 mass base moving spread back to 0.8, instead of the current 1.2 or 1.5 (LOL)
- M26 dart to have the correct amount of pellets
- Defib: Allow 'double reviving'...if you are charging your defib, and someone else quickly sneaks in a quick 20% the guy is going to spawn at 20%, even though you had every intention to get him to 100% :(
- Resurrect the SRAW
- UTS slight nerf (Decent RPM, shoot while reloading, 20 pellets...AND a bullpup advantage? eh)
- G3A3 G3A3 G3A3 G3A3 G3A3 G3A3 G3A3 G3A3 G3A3
- Remove mortars/ucavs from rush
- Infantry maps
- Inf vs vehicle balance
- etc...

It's mostly small/individual cases though, or core design things. I think the game is in a pretty good state right now, other than these smalls things + some stuff that really has been mentioned more often already than it should have
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Just realized it's 4/20 tomorrow

Thanks for the heads up!
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Hardline is a fun and sometimes silly Cops and Robbers sorta thing and I think that's great. Or it would be if it didn't suck.

>littlebird passanger, semi-auto frag rounds
>gunship OP

Meanwhile at DICE-headquarters during BF4's release:

I'm pretty sure there's a massive post-it on every desk "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ANYTHING THAT IS ACTUALLY DOING WHAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE DOING"

"Hey guys remember how stupid prenerf mav was?"

"Lets add c4 to it."

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just thought I'd share.

The thought of Assaults running out of ACE 23 rounds mid firefight, Engineers facing the rear of an unaware MBT with no rockets left, Recons unable to...Whatever the fuck they do. These are the things that keep me up at night ;(

About hunturk:
I don't know what's funnier, the video itself of the fact that an unlisted video has more views than most of your normal videos :P


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[context] Maybe it's the UK's overly aggressive porn filter at work. After all, it does have the word "monkey" in it and monkeys have been known to have sex so...

Previously, at DICE HQ:
"Ok guys, the password is "epic dream worlds"; everyone take a letter and do your best to turn it into into something random that we can put into a picture!"

I assume a functional game (BF4) also.

*pinches cheeks*
So cute!

But but but

He's a Youtuber ;(

There's no way he doesn't know what he's talking about

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Sunday, July 19th 2015, 12:03am

shouldnt defibing a recently revived teammate count as a teamkill...unless you are reviving a robot by recharging its batteries
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Sunday, July 19th 2015, 12:08am

shouldnt defibing a recently revived teammate count as a teamkill...unless you are reviving a robot by recharging its batteries


Reviving people in games isn't realistic at all, recharging their batteries with fully charged isn't either. But hey, it would make a cool gameplay mechanic.


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Sunday, July 19th 2015, 1:17am

My list:
- Better sniper balance
- Buff the UCAV/Mortar
- Buff the SRAW (but not to pre-nerf levels)
- Buff the Shield
- Buff the Mare's Leg
- Buff the MP-APS
- Slightly nerf the flashbangs
- Buff the flare? (Is this even possible?)
That's all I can really think of at the moment. Almost everything else is stellar.

This is the best balanced game I've ever played (except COD:BO2) and I am thrilled with the state of the game.

I should, however, note that I am primarily an infantry player (whatever class my team needs), with decent tanking and boating skills (most experience with tanking).

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Thanks razal.

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Sunday, July 19th 2015, 3:26am

- Remove mortars/ucavs from rush
and Javelins, let's not forget those. The Naval Strike maps are an absolute bitch to attack on if the defending team gets to the shore fast enough and starts PLD/SOFLAM/Javelin/TOW/LAW spamming everywhere :thumbdown: Can't even get to the shore most of the time on a map like Lost Islands.

Other things:
-Rush could still use some TLC.
-better sniper rifle balancing. Scout and FY-JS still don't really have a reason to exist, even with their "BUT MUH HI CAP MAGS" balance formula...
-better equipment balance for Support and amongst the M320s.
-give the mortar different rounds to use such as smoke, flare and cluster-bomb.
-disable elevators and parachute beacons on Infantry Only preset.
-add more vehicles to Infantry Only preset, especially on the big China Rising maps.
-give the PLD the option to laser designate anywhere by clicking and holding on a spot; would be an interesting option to increase PLD/Javelin versatility, make it act like an impromptu mortar team.
-Fix the elevators on Hainan Resort. They're supposed to shut down when one of the hotel wings comes down, but they still work.
-China Rising Levolution events would be awesome.
-tone down the sun on Altai Range.
-Award more points for transport heli pilots. Maybe give them points for dropping off players within 50m of objectives.
-Give medics an incentive for giving a full or near-full revive.
-[EDIT] fix the fire rate audio for AK-12/AKU-12 in burst mode and suppressed ACE 21 (it still has the lower fire rate audio)

Also, here's a crazy idea that I've been thinking about for a long time: give the transport heli customization options. Full countermeasure and gadget option suite as well as the option to switch out the side guns for different weapons such as HMGs or Mk19 grenade launchers.
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How do you guys control your FAMAS burst length since it fires its mag in just 1,5 seconds))
I consider each magazine a burst. :/

This is Symthic, we don't do "feels" around here ;)

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Sunday, July 19th 2015, 4:37am

-buff the ucav/mortar.
-buff the rpk-12(i know its not cqb but still).
-nerf the flashbangs.

get rid of the ucav post spawn wait time

thats all i can think of right now.

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Sunday, July 19th 2015, 7:09am

1. Fix the DV-15 LGM bug

2. slight buff to the sraw

3. Transport vehicles should have customization options like all the other vehicle classes. Or even just some preset ones like the Amtrac has ie gunner prox scan, driver flares or smoke. Heck if even hardline can do it then BF4 has no excuse

4. No more anti-gravity sniper rifles

5. Improve bipod deploying on many of the game's surfaces.

6. Reduce SLAM damage against heavier vehicles.

7. Killcam overhaul as seen in other thread

8. Point/ respawn timer penalty for suicides.


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Sunday, July 19th 2015, 7:20am

No more anti-gravity sniper rifles

What is wrong with "anti-gravity?"

Sniper Rifles have few enough differentiations between them right now. No need to take away even more.

If it's a problem of "realism" then FYI, lower gravity is a simpler implementation of lower drag coefficients.

Easier to program, easier to understand, does pretty much the same thing.

Less headaches all around and gives DICE something to use for balancing.
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Sunday, July 19th 2015, 7:33am

8. Point/ respawn timer penalty for suicides.

something something Model 8 bestgun

How to ice an A-91

Next, wanna try adding a guy that you KNOW is bad, and just testing to see that? Example: PP-2000 (god I so wanna love this gun, and yet...)

Example: PP-2000 (god I so wanna love this gun, and yet...)

PP-2000 added. Y'know, it's not that bad....

Yes, it comes in last so far, but that is mostly because I'm making it shoot at 100m ADS - Not Moving as one of the criteria. Even then, between 50-100m Not Moving, when you include Useability, it is only 1.37% worse than the MTAR-21. Within 50m then it even beats the A-91.

Have a look, vs. the A-91 Carbine:

Using it with Muzzle Brake and Compensator is a wash in terms of overall performance. Comp is SLIGHTLY more accurate, while MB is SLIGHTLY more easy to use. Their overall scores are basically tied, with MB just ahead. I guess either can be recommended.

But... You can't be counting for the fact that it takes 9 bullets to kill at "long" range... Don't you dare tell me my A-91 is worse than a 9 BTK 650 RPM mediocre PDW.

Also. Just go heavy barrel. The recoil is low enough.

Well, technically...

Comparing a PP2K with HB and an A-91 with comp and stubby (as you suggested in an earlier post), at 50m not moving, the A-91 is only better by 4 damage per hitrate. While at 75m and 100m, surprisingly the PP2K does better than the A-91 (I'm pretty damn surprised as well).

And 10m and 50m moving the PP2K also does more damage per hitrate than the A-91. At 25m the A-91 is only better by about half a bullet's damage as well.

In addition, the PP2K has a much larger mag size and substantially less recoil. And it looks hella awesome. So comparing the A-91 to a PDW is of some worth after all, as the PP2K is better (technically, not practically) than the A-91.

Mind blown.

I... I...

*cries in a corner*

Zer0Cod3x explained it very well. If you look at the raw numbers right here on Symthic Comparison, you can see how that happened:

A-91 vs PP-2000 | BF4 Weapon Comparison | Symthic

A-91's "23%" RPM advantage only afforded it 1 extra round.

Reload times are wash.

Velocities are wash.

V-Recoil are wash (and this is HBar on PP2k vs. A-91 without).

Hipfire and ADS - Moving are better on the PP2k, but it's a PDW and not the surprising part.

The surprising part is that, as equipped (and we see above that PP2k HBar has almost same V-Recoil as A-91 without HBar so why not?), the PDW performs better at 50 - 100m than a bloody Carbine. Why?

H-Recoil Spread, 0.525 vs. 0.45, advantage PP2k.

SIPS, 42% better on the PP2k.

And here is the most important part. ADS - Not Moving Spread, 0.35 vs. 0.2, 43% improvement.

Without HBar then of course the PP2k loses, which is why when I add all the attachments together for an Overall Ranking, it would slot below the A-91. Run HBar on it, though, then... I'm sorry

I... I...



In all seriousness, thank you both so much for giving me the numbers. I still don't want to accept them. You have led the horse to water. I still need to drink.