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Sunday, November 22nd 2015, 1:09am

Will there be Fighter Squadron stats?

Hey just found this site and this is amazing! Not sure what the process is like-- do you guys take requests, or does it help to show interest? Is there a way to contribute? I don't know much about datamining but I am an ok programmer..

Anyway I am loving Battlefront's Fighter Squadron mode (grew up playing the X-wing sims) and having a lot of fun. I'm starting to figure out some of the mechanics but still not totally sure. This is what I think so far:

-The solid lock tone is for your LASER lock (the developers refer to this as "soft lock"), NOT your missile lock. Missile lock seems to be acquired ridiculously fast-- all I need to do is start locking the target for maybe one beep before I let off the missile and it tracks just fine. Would love to have exact info on this though. I was really confused by this for a while, but now that I get it, I actually think it's a really cool translation of the movie into game mechanics: (vader soft locks an x-wing) Death Star Assault - A New Hope [1080p HD] - YouTube

-The white dot is for your ship's physical bearing. The circle is to show who you're currently targeting. The crosshair is where your laser gimbals are as you continue to acquire a lock, the crosshair drifts towards your target's circle, tracking your laser gimbals along with it. When you acquire a solid lock tone (and the target's box marker forms a diamond with your crosshair inside the circle), then you have a laser ("soft") lock.

-A TIE can blow up from a single full power x-wing laser if it's a direct hit. Your crosshair flashes yellow when you make a direct hit (but not for glancing hits).