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Friday, November 20th 2015, 8:40pm

I got the game on release day for Xbone. I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I think the changes they made from the Beta are actually pretty good. The cooldown time for most of the "Cards" has been increased. For instance, in the beta you got a thermal detonator every 7 seconds, that has been increased to 15. I think that Ia long way in reducing the explosive and sniper (cycler and pulse rifle) spamming. I do wish they kept the jet-pack cooldown the same as the Beta, but that was increased as well.

Regarding the "skill" or lack there-of required, it is a Star Wars arcade shooter. It's not Battlefield. Though playing lots of Battlefield makes you instantly good at Battlefront since we are already used to gauging bullet-travel/velocity. I think people coming from hit-scan games are having trouble making this adjustment and so they just start whining. Also, it's not like someone who sucks at aiming in Battlefield will someone be AMAZING at Battlefront because there is no movement penalty or no added ADS accuracy.

The flying vehicles are a little wonky at first, but that is because they do not adhere to our somewhat realistic expectation of how things should fly. Once again, this is Star Wars and they don't have to make perfect sense. I personally don't have a problem with the "lock-on" mechanic that the air vehicles have. Once you figure out how to fly it is still relatively easy to dodge or use your shield to avoid that.

Being Boba Fett is awesome. That is all.