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: Jun 3rd 2014

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Tuesday, June 3rd 2014, 9:52pm

TitanFall - Improving The Hemlok BF-R

I've been watching quite a few TF Weapon Guides on YouTube lately and I've heard quite a few times how the Hemlok BF-R doesn't measure up in CQB, it's a problem which agree to measure does exist. While studying weapons stats here came up with some figures I think would rectify this weapons CQ issues while maintaining weapons balance over all.

Currently according the charts the Hemlok does a High damage of 60 and a Low damage of 45, with a Drop-off from 32.39m to 43.82m. When I did the math this broke down to 1 point of damage dropped about every 30 inches until the Min. damage is reached.

My proposal is this: grant the Hemlok a High damage of 90 and a Low damage of 40, with a Drop-off from 12.00m to 50.10m. It will maintain 1 in 30 pattern, while allowing combatants armed with the Hemlok better odds in CQB.


Head: 2.25 (202.5-90.0) or (1-3 hits to kill)
Chest: 1.00 (90.0-40.0) or (3-5 hits to kill)
Abdomen: 1.00 (90.0-40.0) or (3-5 hits to kill)
Arms: 0.50 (45.0-20.0) or (5-10 hits to kill)
Legs: 0.45 (40.5-18.0) or (5-11 hits to kill)

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Wednesday, June 11th 2014, 6:44pm

Hemlok is sooo extremely good as it is.
I admit that it's a bit rough to get used to in close combat, but once you unlock the 5 shot burst it is unstoppable. 1 burst kills all day long. Any buff would make it OP as far as I'm concerned.

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