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Wednesday, April 10th 2013, 11:33pm

PS2 Weapon Data Sheet - Units Question

I recognized the site as soon as I got here as the people who did the amazing BF3 weapon stats.

From what I have read you are working on a similar interface for the PS2 weapons, which I look forward too. Until then my gaming community has been referring to the Weapon Data sheet that was created by the user Microsoft (I believe).

Aside from a general thank you, I did have a few questions regarding the units of some of the measurements.

Recoil: As the other measurements of recoil mention degrees, I was originally thinking these measurements for Vertical and the Horizontal range would also be in degrees. Is there any way to confirm this at all?
CoF: This one I actually did some calculations on and it seems that if these values are degrees it would make sense. Is there a way to confirm this?

Projectile Drop: This is the one that is confusing to me as it is listed as Meters/Second. However if simple kinematics are used that means that a projectile from the test gun (NS-11, 640m/s projectile speed) would only go 85m if fired perfectly horizontal from 1.5m up. I tried the same type of calculation using the projectile drop as an acceleration and it gave much more reasonable values of about 311m for the NC1 (650m/s projectile speed). While it could be that I just have a horrible sense of distance, the comment of "No weapon has enough projectile drop to cause you to miss a shot when
aiming at the upper torso within ~175m. Value is probably meters of drop
per second." that is on the Google Doc means that 85m is way too short. Is there a good way to test this?

Just curious

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Thursday, April 11th 2013, 4:48am

Just checking your maths on projectile drop.

projectile drop is 11.25 metres per second;
height to gun is 1.5 metres;
horizontal projectile speed is 640 metres per second.
time taken to drop 1.5 metres is 1.5/11.25 = 0.13333333333333333333333333333333 sec
horizontal distance before projectile touches ground = 0.13333333333333333333333333333333 * 640 = 85.333333333333333333333333333333 metres.

projectile drop is 11.25 metres per second per second;
height to gun is 1.5 metres;
horizontal projectile speed is 640 metres per second.
time taken to drop 1.5 metres is sqrt(1.5 * 2 / 11.25) = 0.51639777949432225135723538663765 sec
horizontal distance before projectile touches ground = 0.51639777949432225135723538663765 * 640 = 330.4945788763662408686306474481 metres.

So your maths is all good.

To test this out I would try putting down a waypoint on as flat a place as possible, getting a friend to stand on it, remove yourself by 85 metres and aim at his shoulder height and see if it hits, remove yourself to 100m and repeat, remover yourself a further 50m each time and repeat. This should give you some good data. Good luck finding a flat piece of ground that is 330m long though. Also try using the highest powered scope you can and use ADS while standing still to reduce COF. Note that these three weapons are listed as 0 COF with ADS standing (or crouching) still: Reaper DMR; AC-X11; NC6 Gauss Saw (all NC weapons - damn them).

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