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Tuesday, February 5th 2013, 3:20am

1. "people were very skeptical of FPS games on console, as there were no where near the quality of those on PC, mainly due to controls. People didn't think that FPS games could work well without a mouse"

They don't. That's the point. Just because you can move your crosshairs around doesn't mean you're anywhere near playing it well.

2. Just because almost noone can afford a gallardo, do you think the bigger amount of prius' being driven around is going to set any standards for the automobile industry? No. Maybe a bigger investment, but that's merely financial. From a technical standpoint, console titles set ABSOLUTELY NO STANDARDS for any kind of FPS. That's one of the reasons some guns are OP/broken in bf3 for PC and not at all on console. Are we the minority? Sure. But you, the majority, are playing the game sillily. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you have fun and don't pretend to have exclusive FPS titles that mean a single thing. Any exclusive FPS title being played on consoles could be played with much more ease and fluidity on a PC. Consoles may provide a "good enough" experience, but they never broke any records.

3. Are you making an analogy with super mario? Really? I thought i was very clear that my point was made for FPS games; i never included any other genre in my discourse. I can't see why games like super mario should be hindered by a controller; therefore, i won't talk about them. Also, quake, a PC game, made an impact on halo on a gameplay level. Halo, however, did not influence CoD on a gameplay level because theater mode doesn't, in any way, influence how the game is played; it's, simply, a nice feature that another devs thought would bring value to their game.

But, obviously, play whatever you want on whatever platform you think is best.

I almost didn't feel like replying to this because it brings literal meaning to the term "PC master race."

1. While analog sticks are inferior to a mouse input, that doesn't mean they don't work well. If they didn't, Call of Duty wouldn't be selling dozens of millions of copies on consoles every year. Define "playing it well." I consider Halo's controls to be a major improvement over Goldeneye's. If console FPS controls were like that of Goldeneye, I would see your point.

2. Console gaming doesn't have to set any technical records. Are PCs superior in hardware? Sure. In software? In some places. But in terms of accessibility and affordability, consoles are what allowed the gaming industry to be so large, due to their ease of use and affordability. That's why you see a huge boom in the mobile gaming industry lately, because smartphones are becoming so popular, and they and their games are cheap, so they're becoming widespread. If gaming was restricted to PC gaming only, the gaming industry would be much smaller, as if there were no economy level cars and the cheapest cars available were Camaros and Mustangs. I'd much rather have a big gaming industry with a large selection of unique games and bigger competition across multiple platforms over a narrow selection of games on just PC with little competition.

3. My point wasn't about the genre, but about impact the game makes regardless of that. Every gamer knows who Mario is, whether or not they've even played a Super Mario game or not. That means Mario has, at least in some way, made an impact on the industry, be it direct or not. For example, in a recent article I read, the creator of the Gears of War games, Cliff Bleszinski, was found to be in the first Nintendo Power magazine, as he submitted his high score on the first Super Mario Bros. game to the publication and was featured. His early passion later became his career, but Gears of War isn't a platformer, which shows that the genre of the game has nothing to do with its impact. In that way, Mario influenced the creation of a rather popular game franchise (one that I myself have actually never played, but I assume you don't care anyways because it's not on PC). Every gamer has his or her start, and most all gamers sure didn't start from playing Crysis on a $5000 PC. Many started from playing Tetris on the Gameboy.
On the Call of Duty subject, Halo influenced it in more ways than just that. It influenced its controls, as I stated already, but also influenced its online success. Halo 2 was basically the Quake of consoles in that it pioneered online play, but this was the first time that it was huge and popular on consoles. It popularized online console gaming, so much so that when the original Xbox Live services were being shut down in April 2010, many gamers got online to play Halo 2 for the last time, the last game even lasting one full month after the services were shut down. Tell me that that game didn't have an impact on those gamers. It also was one of the first games to utilize DLC, a practice that we see on all platforms in different genres. Call of Duty's success is centered around its online gaming, and it makes a lot of money on DLC sales, two things that started in Halo.

What I seem to be getting is that you're idea of an influential franchise is one that is absolutely innovative and groundbreaking, causing a ripple effect and influencing the design of a game and nothing else. That is not true. That's like saying that because not every sci-fi movie is like Star Wars, Star Wars wasn't an influential movie, or saying that just because it's sci-fi doesn't mean it hasn't influenced any other genre of movie. Just because not every FPS directly copied design elements from Halo means that it wasn't influential. If it is a popular game in the genre, then when other FPS games come out, people who play Halo might say "Hey, that game looks like Halo, I should try it out." Even if it didn't copy Halo, its influence is there in that it fuels the genre. Similar to how someone may say "Hey, that movie looks like Star Wars, I should check it out."


Quotes of the Ages:

Also, sad day when your phone corrects FAMAS to be in caps. Damn it.

That's not bad. My phone corrected "lets deforest Caspian Boarder" into "Lets de-foreskin Asians".... I think my phone is a racist pervert....

I would start singing Disney, but then I would be led on a path of destruction, eventually ending up with a boyfriend who is actually a skull with Macaroni and cheese.

a la Miley Cyrus

An edit by Auto in response to a couple of images of dead Union soldiers from the US Civil War:
Not what Auto wanted to see whilst eating his breakfast.... Put me off my cheerios dammit:/

God I feel like someone just hit me over the head with a bust of Sigmund Freud :D
Fucking hell!

Pandemic 2 made me hate Madagascar more than any other country in the world.


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Tuesday, February 5th 2013, 8:10am

Where do you think Call of Duty got theater mode? Halo 3 had it in 2007, and Call of Duty stole it in 2010. And as you said, you agree that Call of Duty is one of the biggest FPS franchises in existence. Yet they were influenced by the very game you choose to dismiss simply because it isn't on PC. Well, now PC Call of Duty theater mode, thanks to an Xbox game.
*Cough* BF2 Battlerecorder 2005 *cough*


The T-90 is a challenge, the BTR-90 is going to kill everyone in a 100 meter radius and go flying off a hill into a helicopter only to drive off while the corpse of the Cobra it just went through is being dragged through the beach on Oman.
The game will include a fully automatic An-94 launcher, literally firing Abakans at 600 RPM.
I expect rep.
If J3ST3R is dead, I think I just heard the entity that is grammar let out a sigh of relief...
To say nothing of the inordinate expense incurred by adding functionality to the gun that I may not ever use.
IKEA is the problem! Its all Desksdesksdesksdesksdesksdesksdesksdesks but oh, oh the second you say you want a table they chuckle and say "A table? You mean a kitchen table? How about a bedside table? Oh! Oh you must mean a dining room table!" and I'm like "NO! NO I JUST WANT A STANDARD, BLACK, BORING TABLE!" and they look at me then smile and go "You mean this? £170..." :(
Also, why does the RANDOM thread have a topic?

Why do fish have legs?
Fucking dutch.

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Tuesday, February 5th 2013, 8:32am

I think it's time to lock this.