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: Dec 25th 2012

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Tuesday, December 25th 2012, 11:29am

XBOX 360 Sector Control Domination (Weapon Questions, Tips and Tricks)

I have been trying to find the perfect weapon to dominate. I see it all the time. I have been playing SC on XBOX 360 and if you play SC on 360 you will know you see the same players dominating. I have been trying to figure out how. I have found Weapons that are dominate if you master them ie. larue 7.62 (3 hit kill) . Guns that can draw to sights faster then any other weapons, ie. MK18 iron sights and all CQB Accessories. I have done great on all of them, EXCEPT when the TOP players join and dominate me. I am a 50/50 player to get 20+ kills a game. I want to get more consistent though and become a 20+ every Map and not die 10-15 times. Also while winning. If you play SC you know alot of the time you do really good its because the team pushed to YOU and its easy kills for the spawn trapped team by those less fortunate players. I realized that and thats when my Larue 7.62 came into play and I dominated 2+ K/D with 7.62. If you look at my stats they show 1.36 K/D and 1.45 W/L. 12000+ kills 9000+ Deaths Not bad but im going for greatness, with Weapons that no one uses. (i want to be a individual and I want the sucky players to switch to the terrible weapon so I can merk them more). I believe I have found a way to do this. I have been using the EBR with a Battle Buddy IE Team Mate. and when I get into a fire fight i stand completely stop completely and try to kneel(still getting into the habit) to not get the movement penalty and recoil penalty and shoot. Of course I havent perfected it but I see a big improvement with a weapon that has a MAssive recoil. Just stop and shoot (situationally of course). You dont want to stop and shoot with 3 guys starring you down. You will see that your bullets actually hit the person you are trying to shoot and most if not all are on target and you kill the enemy in record time.

Please post feedback with ways to improve this and if it has worked for you. I will be posting video's with my results and will share the link here first. If you play me and you are in the video you will recieve a XBOX message letting you know.