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Tuesday, October 30th 2012, 9:05am

anyone else experiencing this?

I'd like to know if this is just me, or everybody. When I play this game, the teams are always SEVERELY imbalanced and every game ends up in a lopsided rout. Like 150-30 Sector Control games are the average. Worse yet, when I join a server on the losing team, i STAY on the losing team EVERY game. Like the players never get shuffled. And if I join on the winning team, i STAY on the winning team EVERY game and just romp on people who appear to be mentally incapable of understanding a basic FPS.

My point is that it seems like after a match, the worst players of the winning team switch to the losing team, joining the other scrubs, and the best players of the losing team go to the winning team in return, and the matches get progressively lopsided.

Or is this all just coincidence? Am I just crazy? Is it maybe because I play after midnight on weekdays when maybe all the most dedicated players on online? Either way, I'm not getting much middle-ground with this game. Games are never close, and play-sessions are either a blast of fun or downright infuriating with nothing in between.

Another thing is that I ALWAYS spawn on the same side of the maps, all the freaking time. For instance, on Navi Grad Warzone, one of the most imbalanced maps in the game for Sector Control and Combat Mission, I spawn at the bottom of the hill every god damn time. I've played the map almost 40 times and I've only spawned on the top of the hill once. ONCE. It makes absolutely no sense to me.
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Tuesday, October 30th 2012, 9:35am

Yup... And every time I join a server I get placed on the shitty team, most likely because they've gotten fed up with losing.. Doesn't seem to be much team balancing at all, especially not mid-game.. My team is often down like 2-3 people so losing is inevitable -.-' Hello 21.0% win ratio :|


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Tuesday, October 30th 2012, 2:36pm

As a longtime server admin I can tell you that there is no good solution to this for traditional servers joined through browsers. Diluting the effect through large player numbers and functioning ingame voip are probably the best hope, only one of those has a chance at happening here.

This game is designed to be played with your friend. The buddy system and all the party and matchmaking stuff try to push you toward playing with your friend. The game will always try to put you on the same team as your Battlelog friends and if possible in a buddy squad with one.

In fact, currently without the ability to switch teams my clan has had the experience of 8 of us being put on the same team while there were 0 players on the other team. If we let the round advance it will scramble a little, but the preference for friends on Battlelog is still there.

Now I invoke my admin experience here because I have run games with and without scramblers for a long time. On BF3 my clan runs an agressive scrambler that ignores clan tags and shuffles people based on rank and points in the last round to try to achieve balance. While that seems appealing universally, I could send you pages of people's complaints on the server about admin abuse, ruining their fun with their friends, how we don't care about proper teamplay....

It is a problem in team oriented game design. You want people to play with their friends, but if enough friends get together they will communicate and clearly win. You can break apart teams, but then people get mad at not being able to play with their friends (which is often the entire reason they bought the game.).

If the rcon tools allow a scrambler soon I am sure my clan will run some variation, but I expect the complaints to flow and I can't blame them that much.