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: Dec 24th 2012

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Tuesday, December 25th 2012, 12:22am

In my opinion MoH is better than any CoD. I wanted something else than BF3 and MoH got everything right I always hated about CoD.
  • OP Killstreaks. Mortar has quite low explosion radius, you need to get out of your cover and use your laserpointer to call them in, even the Apache has only 33 rockets and can be shot down by normal guns quite easy. Switchblade must me fired from ground and then flies in the direction you pointed at until you go to dive bomb, guided missile aka predator needs a laserpoint too and is hard to control.
  • Throwing Knifes.
  • OP Weapons. The weapons in MoH are not very different from each other.
  • Maps with less camping spots.
  • Cover.
  • You can add a silencer without losing your reddot sight.
  • Better graphics.
  • Teamplay.
  • Cool Animations.
  • No panic knife, you need to hit two times with tomahawk to kill somebody
  • Knife animation from the back
  • Pointstreak, not Killstreak (i know Blops has it too)
  • No Perks
  • One-Shot-Sniper takes ages to reload a bullet.
  • Show your country.
  • No Claymores (PDMs are timelimited and very easy to see)
  • Defensive Pointstreaks
  • No OP flashbangs
  • You can see your radar while looking through a scope
  • You die slower
  • You have healthpoints, just little bit bloodyscreen
  • Slow health regeneration
  • Healing from your buddy
  • Blackhawks you can abseil yourself from
  • No Stinger
  • Less effective noobtube
  • Dedicated Server -> no host migration, shorter waiting times, less lag
  • Cool Soundtrack
  • NO BROKEN SPAWN SYSTEM (except for TDM you have "bases" like in BF)
  • Micro-Destruction
  • Spawning at your Buddy
  • Recoil
  • No thermal vision
  • No weapon proficiencie
  • ineffective spraying
Propably there are even more points i didnt mention. MoHW has some bugs and a quite messy menu if youre new. But everytime i get killed, i have the feeling, the other person deserves this kill, like he earned it and it wasnt just luck or OP shit. That means everytime I kill someone i have the feeling two i really deserve this kill because of my skill and that i EARNED this mortar, apache, whatever. The game is more satisfying and doesnt frustrate. and sry for bad english.