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Monday, October 22nd 2012, 2:41am

MOH:W - Soldiers And Primary Weapons By Rank (Unlock List)


List of Soldiers and Primary Weapons Unlocked by Rank (Final - Production Version of Progression)

* Indicates when a particular primary weapon is first unlocked

Rank 1 (Private 1) -

US OGA Assaulter (*DD M4V1)

Rank 2 (Private 2) -

German KSK Heavy Gunner (*HK MG4)

Rank 3 (Private 3) -

Canadian JTF-2 Spec Ops (*DD Mk18 )

Rank 4 (Private 4) -

ROKN UDT/SEAL Sniper (*McMillan TAC-300)

Rank 5 (Private 5) -

Swedish SOG Pointman (*Ak5)

Rank 6 (Private First Class 1) -

RU Spetsgruppa Alfa Demolitions (*AKS-74U)

Rank 7 (Private First Class 2) -

Polish GROM Assaulter (*HK 416)

Rank 8 (Private First Class 3) -

British SAS Heavy Gunner (*M240)

Rank 9 (Private First Class 4) -

US OGA Spec Ops (*HK MP7)

Rank 10 (Private First Class 5) -

US Army SFOD-D Sniper (*LaRue OBR 7.62)

Rank 11 (Corporal 1) -

Australian SAS-R Pointman (*F88 )

Rank 12 (Corporal 2) -

Norwegian FSK/HJK Demolitions (*Mk16 PDW)

Rank 13 (Corporal 3) -

US Navy SEAL Assaulter

Rank 14 (Corporal 4) -

Canadian JTF-2 Heavy Gunner (*M249)

Rank 15 (Corporal 5) -


Rank 16 (Sergeant 1) -

Swedish SOG Sniper

Rank 17 (Sergeant 2) -

RU Spetsgruppa Alfa Pointman (*AK-103)

Rank 18 (Sergeant 3) -

Polish GROM Demolitions (*HK 416C)

Rank 19 (Sergeant 4) -

British SAS Assaulter

Rank 20 (Sergeant 5) -

US Navy SEAL Heavy Gunner

Rank 21 (Staff Sergeant 1) -

US Army SFOD-D Spec Ops

Rank 22 (Staff Sergeant 2) -

Australian SAS-R Sniper

Rank 23 (Staff Sergeant 3) -

Norwegian FSK/HJK Pointman

Rank 24 (Staff Sergeant 4) -

US Navy SEAL Demolitions (*AA-12)

Rank 25 (Staff Sergeant 5) -

German KSK Assaulter (*HK G3)

Rank 26 (Sergeant First Class 1) -

ROKN UDT/SEAL Heavy Gunner

Rank 27 (Sergeant First Class 2) -

Swedish SOG Spec Ops

Rank 28 (Sergeant First Class 3) -

RU Spetsgruppa Alfa Sniper

Rank 29 (Sergeant First Class 4) -

Polish GROM Pointman

Rank 30 (Sergeant First Class 5) -

British SAS Demolitions

Rank 31 (Master Sergeant 1) -

US Army SFOD-D Heavy Gunner

Rank 32 (Master Sergeant 2) -

Australian SAS-R Spec Ops (*HK G36)

Rank 33 (Master Sergeant 3) -

Norwegian FSK/HJK Sniper (*McMillan CS5)

Rank 34 (Master Sergeant 4) -

US Navy SEAL Pointman (*LaRue OBR 5.56)

Rank 35 (Master Sergeant 5) -

German KSK Demolitions

Rank 36 (First Sergeant 1) -

Canadian JTF-2 Assaulter (*EBR)

Rank 37 (First Sergeant 2) -

Swedish SOG Heavy Gunner

Rank 38 (First Sergeant 3) -

RU Spetsgruppa Alfa Spec Ops (*AK-103 Bullpup)

Rank 39 (First Sergeant 4) -

Polish GROM Sniper (*TAC-50 SNIPER)

Rank 40 (First Sergeant 5) -

British SAS Pointman

Rank 41 (Sergeant Major 1) -

US OGA Demolitions

Rank 42 (Sergeant Major 2) -

US Army SFOD-D Assaulter

Rank 43 (Sergeant Major 3) -

Australian SAS-R Heavy Gunner

Rank 44 (Sergeant Major 4) -

Norwegian FSK/HJK Spec Ops

Rank 45 (Sergeant Major 5) -

German KSK Pointman

Rank 46 (Command Sergeant Major 1) -

Canadian JTF-2 Demolitions

Rank 47 (Command Sergeant Major 2) -


Rank 48 (Command Sergeant Major 3) -

RU Spetsgruppa Alfa Heavy Gunner (*PKP Pecheneg)

Rank 49 (Command Sergeant Major 4) -

Polish GROM Spec Ops

Rank 50 (Command Sergeant Major 5) -

British SAS Sniper

Rank 51 (Sergeant Major of the Army 1) -

US OGA Pointman

Rank 52 (Sergeant Major of the Army 2) -

US SFOD-D Demolitions

Rank 53 (Sergeant Major of the Army 3) -

Australian SAS-R Assaulter

Rank 54 (Sergeant Major of the Army 4) -

Norwegian FSK/HJK Heavy Gunner

Rank 55 (Sergeant Major of the Army 5) -

US Navy SEAL Spec Ops

Rank 56 (Second Lieutenant) -

German KSK Sniper

Rank 57 (First Lieutenant) -

Canadian JTF-2 Pointman

Rank 58 (Captain) -

ROKN UDT/SEAL Demolitions

Rank 59 (Major) -

Swedish SOG Assaulter

Rank 60 (Lieutenant Colonel) -

Polish GROM Heavy Gunner

Rank 61 (Colonel 1) -

British SAS Spec Ops

Rank 62 (Colonel 2) -

US OGA Sniper

Rank 63 (Colonel 3) -

US Army SFOD-D Pointman

Rank 64 (Colonel 4) -

Australian SAS-R Demolitions

Rank 65 (Colonel 5) -

Norwegian FSK/HJK Assaulter

Rank 66 (Colonel 6) -

US OGA Heavy Gunner

Rank 67 (Colonel 7) -

German KSK Spec Ops

Rank 68 (Colonel 8 ) -

Canadian JTF-2 Sniper

Rank 69 (Brigadier General) -


Rank 70 (Major General) -

Swedish SOG Demolitions

Rank 71 (Lieutenant General) -

RU Spetsgruppa Alfa Assaulter

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: Oct 22nd 2012

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Monday, October 22nd 2012, 2:53am

List of Available Primary Weapons

List of Available Primary Weapons Per Class and Rank Unlocked:


Daniel Defense M4V1 OGA (Rank 1)
Heckler & Koch 416 GREKO'S (Rank 7)
Heckler & Koch 416 DEVGRU (Rank 13)
Daniel Defense M4V1 SAS (Rank 20)
Heckler & Koch G3KA4 (Rank 25)
EBR JTF-2 (Rank 36)
Heckler & Koch 416 SFOD-D (Rank 42)
Daniel Defense M4V1 ROKN (Rank 47)
EBR SAS-R (Rank 53)
Heckler & Koch AK4 (Rank 59)
Heckler & Koch AG3 (Rank 65)
HK G3 SPETSNAZ (Rank 74)


McMillan TAC-300 SEAL (LE Unlock)
McMillan TAC-300 ROKN (Rank 4)
LaRue OBR 7.62 SFOD-D (Rank 10)
McMillan TAC-300 SOG (Rank 16)
LaRue OBR 7.62 SAS-R (Rank 22)
McMillan TAC-300 SPETSNAZ (Rank 28 )
McMillan CS5 FSK/HJK (Rank 33)
McMillan TAC-50 GROM (Rank 39)
McMillan CS5 SAS (Rank 50)
McMillan TAC-50 KSK (Rank 56)
McMillan CS5 OGA (Rank 62)
McMillan TAC-50 Winter (Rank 68 )


AKS-74U SUCHKA (Rank 6)
Mk16 PDW FSK/HJK (Rank 12)
Heckler & Koch 416C GROM (Rank 18 )
AA-12 SEAL (Rank 24)
Heckler & Koch 416C SAS (Rank 30)
Heckler & Koch 416C KSK (Rank 35)
Mk16 PDW OGA (Rank 41)
Heckler & Koch 416C JTF-2 (Rank 46)
Mk16 PDW SFOD-D (Rank 52)
AA-12 ROKN (Rank 58 )
AA-12 SAS-R (Rank 64)
AA-12 SOG (Rank 70)

Heavy Gunner:

Heckler & Koch MG4KE (Rank 2)
M240b (Rank 8 )
M249 JTF-2 (Rank 14)
M240L (Rank 20)
K3 SAW (Rank 26)
M240 Mk43 Mod 1 (Rank 31)
Ksp 90 (Rank 37)
Heckler & Koch MG4 SAS-R (Rank 43)
M240 FSK/HJK (Rank 54)
M249 GROM (Rank 60)
M249 Mk46 Mod 1 (Rank 66)


AK5C (Rank 5)
F88 Austeyr (Rank 11)
AK-103 SPETSNAZ (Rank 17)
F88 FSK/HJK (Rank 23)
AK-103 GROM (Rank 29)
LaRue OBR 5.56 SEAL (Rank 34)
F88 SAS (Rank 40)
LaRue OBR 5.56 KSK (Rank 45)
AK-103 OGA (Rank 51)
LaRue OBR 5.56 JTF-2 (Rank 57)
LaRue OBR 5.56 SFOD-D (Rank 63)
LaRue OBR 5.56 ROKN (Rank 69)

Spec Ops:

Daniel Defense Mk18 JTF-2 (Rank 3)
Heckler & Koch MP7 OGA (Rank 9)
Heckler & Koch MP7 ROKN (Rank 15)
Daniel Defense Mk18 SFOD-D (Rank 21)
DD Mk18 SOG (Rank 27)
Heckler & Koch G36 SAS-R (Rank 32)
AK-103 Bullpup SPETSNAZ (Rank 38 )
Heckler & Koch G36 FSK/HJK (Rank 44)
AK-103 Bullpup GROM (Rank 49)
Heckler & Koch MP7 SEAL (Rank 55)
Daniel Defense Mk18 SAS (Rank 61)
Heckler & Koch G36 KSK (Rank 67)

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Monday, October 22nd 2012, 3:13am

I'm still unsure as to if i'm going to get this game or not, i'll probably wait for some real gameplay footage on youtube before I make any decisions.


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Monday, October 22nd 2012, 3:27am

That unlock system is freaking horrible. If I wanted to be the RU Spetsgruppa Alfa Assaulter (I don't know why I would, but this is just an example), I'd have to play for a long time. Then I get it, and I'm so worn out that it's not even worth it.


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Monday, October 22nd 2012, 3:33am

Thank you very much for the info, good sir. And welcome to Symthic! :thumbup:

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Monday, October 22nd 2012, 8:50am

I don't really get the unlock system either... It sounds like they want people to represent their country, or even play as country vs country however that's supposed to work.. Yet you don't even have access to all classes in the country until way way down the line... oO

Say your team plays as Swedes, all you'd have is a bunch of "Pointman" plus some Spec Ops from pre-order people oO

Haven't really found any good explanation to how the whole game works...


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Monday, October 22nd 2012, 3:18pm

The beginning ranks are wrong. You do not unlock the G3 until rank ## (BL is down so cannot find teh exact rank.) because in teh beta, if you chose a M4V1/HK416 as a starting weapon/nation, you could not get teh G3. And not gonna lie, the thing sucks IMO. High recoil, low mag size, poop damage output (200 kills with it in teh beta and that was enough!)

EDIT: Also it had the RU Speztaz Heavy Gunner as a level 76 unlock (unless you bought the uberOMFGpwn edition from origin) as it is teh only soldier with the PKP, and we know I obsess over it =]
And the SAS sniper is a Rank 97 unlock as it is the only class to give you a CS5 sniper. Unless they have changed it.

Also what is your source for this =]

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Monday, October 22nd 2012, 5:44pm

Norwegian sniper also gives you the CS5 rifle.
So it's unlocked at rank 33 not 50.

I guess it's so you'll still have some late game items and not have it be like battlefield where you unlock everything the first few weeks it feels like.

Btw uh, is swedish spec ops supposed to have purple camo?


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Monday, October 22nd 2012, 6:13pm

Dunno what that's all about, saw it as well on BL... It's green irl ;>

Went and created a platoon for luls, made a neat looking emblem but, can't save the picture.. ffs <.<

Edit: There we go \o/…03603922337903/

Yep, my own secret platoon so I can pretend to be anonymous \o/ Sort of... Hikikomori ftw \o/


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Monday, October 22nd 2012, 6:25pm

so i wanna know... should i buy this, over say BLops2?


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