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Tuesday, February 10th 2015, 3:38pm

WvW Hills defensive siege guide


Defending Hills with siege

Written by Get Fresh Crew [gfc]

This is the guide I have posted over on the DragonBrand forums.

General siege DOs and DON’Ts

Spoiler Spoiler


Spoiler Spoiler

  • Do not place siege on the thin sections of the outer walls. It can be destroyed easily without the use of siege. (there are exceptions for inner)

  • Do not place siege from on top of the wall (it is easy to see and hit with various attacks)
  • Do not use paper siege if others are placing superior down - we don’t want to reach the siege cap with paper siege.
  • Do not only refresh a few pieces of siege, refresh it all! It provides false information to defenders and they may take a look at the same siege you refreshed and assume all siege was refreshed.

  • Refresh all siege and callout in map chat you have done so. It’s a thankless job but everyone will be grateful when orange swords appear at our keep.
  • Place siege on the larger areas of the wall

  • Place siege from below the wall (Aim at the notches in the wall)

Hills callouts

Spoiler Spoiler

Basic generic callouts for Hills

Defending south outer gate

Spoiler Spoiler

Placed siege

Treb on the stairs

Spoiler Spoiler

  • Easy to use (0% power required to hit the door)
  • Can hit the courtyard (~20% power required to hit the courtyard)

  • Destroyed quickly if the enemy enters - can be meleed
  • Has to be rebuilt

Treb on inner wall

How to use:
  • To hit the gate: Aim where bridge meets the snow (red circle) 5% power
    [indent] -It will look like the treb shot hits the snow but it goes through[/indent]
  • To hit the courtyard: About 25% power, same angle.

  • Doesn’t get destroyed straight away when enemies enter
  • Can hit rams on the gate and enemies in the courtyard (cows extremely effective here)
  • Can be moved to hit players inside on the bridge
  • Forces enemy zerg to commit ranged players to take the treb out

  • Slightly harder to use (requires around 5% power to get it over the snow)

South outer gate AC placement

Do not place ACs in the red area, they can be destroyed by ACs and balis.

To use ACs so far back, aim your camera so you are looking at the ground and you will be able to see your targets.

Do not place ACs here. A ballista can take it out from the stairs without evening alerting the guards. ACs and meteor showers can take it out too.

Place the AC here instead, it can still be ACd and meteor showered but it’s harder to hit and see.

South gate static siege

This mortar can hit siege placed at the back (no power, just tap)

This mortar can hit siege placed at the back too (~30% power)

Defending north outer gate

Spoiler Spoiler

North outer gate treb placement

Do not place the treb next to the supply depot. If the enemy gets in, it’s the first thing they see and therefore destroyed, it can also be meleed. You will need to rebuild this everytime.

Place the treb on the inner wall as shown below. Throw from the ground to place slightly further back. This treb is not the first thing the enemy sees and therefore not destroyed when they enter. If they wish to destroyed this treb, they will need to bring elementalists around to destroy them. This takes time if the zerg does it together, or it means a small group will be vulnerable for us to attack.

This treb can hit the gate with a slight hold (3% power). It can also hit the enemy zerg outside the gate to great effect as shown in the video below (30% power).

Main gates cannon

This cannon can hit rams placed at North outer gate and will destroy anything that walks through, however it will be one of the first things destroyed once the outer is breached.

  • Cannons are superior against rams by about 4 times compared to trebs
  • The treb is more versatile as it can hit golems as well as rams and drain siege from the players behind the wall

AC placement

ACs can be placed all along the green section of the picture below

Mortar defence

~10-15% power to hit over the wall

No power, just tap

No power, just tap

Defending from NEC trebs - Vista treb

Spoiler Spoiler

NEC trebs can take down the northern outer wall.

North outer mortar should be your first line of defence against NEC trebs. Full power.

Vista treb is able to destroy all trebs from NEC. (~60% power)

Vista treb can be countered with ballistas from the red spot marked on the minimap

North cannons can hit the ballistas that can counter vista treb.

Defending cata spot (switchback and cata gap included)

Spoiler Spoiler

Cata spot

ACs can be placed on the green in the picture below

No power, just tap

Defending from catas at switchback

A cata placed on the ramp near cata spot can counter catas from switchback, full power required. The mortar can be used too although it can be quite hard to aim. The splash damage will hit the catas

Defending against cata cap

This is the easiest cata spot to counter. If the attackers are sloppy, 2 people building a bali anywhere along the wall will kill the catas. Well prepared attackers will have a bali built themselves to counter you though. Mortars are the easiest way to defend against cata gap.

All the mortars along this wall can kill these catas including main inner gate mortars (~80% power). You are also able to build an AC below them and fire above and kill the catas if they are near the edge.

Defending main gate

Spoiler Spoiler

North inner mortar gate to defend main gate

This mortar should be turned to face the main gate to hit rams placed. ~55% power

Inner gate treb

Do not place any siege on the bridge itself, the bridge can be ACd from below.

The treb needs to be placed just outside of lords room so it does not get destroyed by havoc teams clearing siege before an attack.

Getting hit on the bridge, siege is destroyed here easily

Getting hit on the side, it’s harder to hit here. If you place siege on the sides, place it further back towards the building.

Getting hit in the middle, siege needs to be placed over halfway between the bridge to lords room archway.

Do not place siege within the red section. Placed where you see the treb in this picture.

Main gate AC placement

You can hit the door/rams and aim through the gap to hit further over.

Place ACs in the green area

Defending north inner gate

Spoiler Spoiler

North inner gate AC placement

AC placed on the stairs, although this can still be hit by meteor shower.
Far right side of the wall, golems can target and hit these easily

Unhittable AC placement: As you look at the supply depot, on the right side.
  • This cannot be targeted from the ground so golems won’t be able to aim at it
  • Can hit a large area where north gate is usually attacked from

  • Fairly limited angle of attack


You can place trebs and catas near the entrance to lords room. Remember to place close to the building so the AC below doesn't kill it.

Defending against trebs from below

Spoiler Spoiler

A treb can be placed below Hills which can hit inner wall and the supply depot, draining siege if they have trebuchet mastery.
No power, just tap. The treb can destroy this mortar easily though.

Inner mortar can hit this spot too. 20% power

SET treb

Spoiler Spoiler

You can hit the wall at SET. Place it at the back to make it harder to destroy. We tested a lot of different spots but all are hittable with either ACs/balis or meteor showers.

Overview of siege placement in Hills

Spoiler Spoiler

Mesmer hiding spots

Spoiler Spoiler

Thanks to [bs] Schemmy for some of the pictures.


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Tuesday, June 30th 2015, 7:36pm

New way to throw down siege; needs translating though.

Siege Clinching - How To & Practical Usage - YouTube