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Tuesday, February 3rd 2015, 11:08pm

Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 section!

Hello everyone! I'd like to welcome you to the new Guild Wars 2 forum section here at Symthic. Recently we have made the decision that our little guild is finally outgrowing its single thread, and due to the sheer amount of information we have to share, it would be best to make this into a subforum instead. This will ultimately help keep us more organized and make it much easier for new members to find the resources they need to get playing. Below is some general information about our guild.
Where do I buy Guild Wars 2? You can pick up Guild Wars 2 for as little as $10 USD, as it goes on sale about once a month. Pick it up here!

Guild Name: Get Fresh Crew [GFC]

Home server: Gate of Madness
Our Guildex Page

Current Sym player roster*:

tehmoriz - Ariel Strike - moriz.5473
Darktan13 - Darktan - Darktan.3214
expandas - expandas - expandas.7051
yugas42 - Xeronus Stoneforge - Xytl.8659
Marseee - Marseeeeeeeeeee - Marseee.2938
Legion - Blueten - CCLegion.5936
TheMightyVoice - Xandis Amberhill - TheMightyVoice.3762
Woodrow Wilson - Arnvi - theaiden.3704
The McGoat - The McGoatington - The McGoat.6917
Blue Panda - Athemoe - Athemoe.8924
Labby - Rubber Duck - PonyAnonymous.3928
Rezal - Lasaar - Rezal.5093
Lars3 - Sonowabiads - Lars.9184
NoctyrneSAGA - Disco Inferno - Noctyrne.4706
Argent - Shorty Mcpointyears - Argent.4928
BoredandHungry - BoredandHungry.4257
Sohe - Goldie.9613
JamieXp - JamieXp.1048
Basil Leav - KingofRoses.1726
Klinch - Klinch.2964
Ariscille - Oddgo.5423
SeanSugar - SeanSugar.8273
Myoisia - Smoothtalk.1358
Tora - SoulBOX.7518
Love Too Trip - Whose your Daddy.9514
Braum - clayjarema.6819
Red the Pandawan - Panda.9872
Stonedtestbunny - Stonedtestbunny.2617

Active times: Roster is split EU and NA, so we have members online almost around the clock. Heaviest activity is normally around 00:00 GMT.

*We have other members in the guild, but only Symthic community members have been listed.
Table of Contents:

Warrior, Guardian, Elementalist, and Thief builds
Mesmer, Necromancer, Ranger, and Engineer builds

Guild Wars 2 Beginner Guide
Guide to Money Making
An Introduction to the Trading Post
Converting Karma to Gold
WvW East Keep Siege Guide


Useful Tools and Links:

Spoiler Spoiler

GW2 Efficiency - Uses the new API endpoints to keep an online record of your account. Includes account value calculator, inventory viewer, dungeon trackers, and more.

Mesmer Portal Timer by u/Superritchman -…mesmer_portals/

Speed Auto Clicker* -

*Auto clicker programs are allowed in Guild Wars 2 so long as they are used in a way that does not provide an unfair advantage over other players. Fair use includes opening containers, consuming essences of luck, crafting, etc. Use at your own risk.

To-do list:

Beginners Guide - Gear, Combo Fields, UI
Leveling Guide
Crafting Guide
Specific Class Guides
WvW information and maps
WvW Basics
sPvP Basics
Advanced PvE Guides - Dungeons, Fractals, and Living World
Fashion Wars 2 character gallery

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