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Saturday, August 10th 2013, 1:26am

Black Ops II's Final DLC: Apocalypse (Incredible New Zombies)

For the first time, I'm excited for Zombies map in Black Ops II.


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Also, sad day when your phone corrects FAMAS to be in caps. Damn it.

That's not bad. My phone corrected "lets deforest Caspian Boarder" into "Lets de-foreskin Asians".... I think my phone is a racist pervert....

I would start singing Disney, but then I would be led on a path of destruction, eventually ending up with a boyfriend who is actually a skull with Macaroni and cheese.

a la Miley Cyrus

An edit by Auto in response to a couple of images of dead Union soldiers from the US Civil War:
Not what Auto wanted to see whilst eating his breakfast.... Put me off my cheerios dammit:/

God I feel like someone just hit me over the head with a bust of Sigmund Freud :D
Fucking hell!

Pandemic 2 made me hate Madagascar more than any other country in the world.


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Saturday, August 10th 2013, 4:18am

Should I buy this? Should I return to BO2 just for this Zombie map?

I'm only proud of my BF3 stats. I've barely played BF4.
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3. Enjoy

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And.... I banged the fucking computer box yet again last night.... She had moved it a bit, but not to a better spot <.<


All those open ports where just too much temptation for him...

Now this section is woowee special. This, is when DaRubester is drunk.
I think I should sacrifice part of my sigs just for when Rube is drunk.


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Saturday, August 10th 2013, 5:12am

Ok, that actually looks kinda cool. I suppose now I should ask myself whether I should set up my XBOX and not have to pay another cent on this game, or wait until I finish building a PC capable of actually running it.
My PC:

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AMD FX-8350
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Nothing is overclocked...

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