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Monday, April 8th 2013, 5:09am

Where TA and IW are going wrong...

Let's start the rant thread:
Why Treyarch Focuses on Pro Gaming - Black Ops 2 Gameplay Commentary - YouTube
This video annoys me... it is a stupid way to justify why CoD is bad.

What went wrong:

Lag Comp.
Putting the stupid lag compensation systems I have seen since MW2 don't work, otherwise the removal of dedicated servers is to blame (but even dedicated servers in MW3 had me raging about the lag comp half the time). So two things needed, go back to CoD4, put the network system from that into the next CoD and for the love of God don't change it. Then, secondly, get rid of the stupid matchmaking systems and put back dedicated servers.

CoD4 and probably WaW (which I never played on MP) have the most balanced killstreak systems, there is too much crap flying around spawnkilling everyone in every single game after WaW. All they need is a MOAB, AI attack heli (limited to one per game at a time), inconsistent small AOE airstrike (only one at a time), and UAV.

The holy grail of failure: Stupid things that give free kills to noobs... What other games do that?
These things ruined MW2 and MW3 and should never be brought back.

Because CoD is an ioquake game, it has the quake strafing mechanic, which adds a lot of technicality to the game, especially in competitive play, but also in normal games. Screwing around with the FPS cap ruins this, MW2 is limited to 85 FPS, AV and IW should never have let Valve do such a thing. You can't specify an FPS cap in MW3, and it seems limited to 90 FPS... BO2 does not have a 125 FPS cap, and also doesn't let people play at 250 or 333 fps. Ask any competitive CoD4 player (who actually knows their game) and they will say that strafing is a huge part of the game. Just remove the FPS caps and allow players to limit the framerate themselves to whatever they think is adequate, 125, 250 or 333 FPS.

Because killstreaks became far too complicated, almost half of the perks in BO2 revolve around killstreaks rather than gunplay, which is what FPS games are about... In CoD4 there was ONE killstreak related perk: UAV Jammer, which only affected ONE killstreak, and deprived you of stopping power. Then they also added a crap ton of attachments and equipment, which necessitated the use of perks like tac mask and blast shield. Made it so having a grenade launcher only takes up an attachment slot, rather than an attachment and a perk slot. Allowed the player to take 2 primaries with hardly any detriment to normal gunfights, and added things to increase ADS time... These basically made every gun an SMG. Please, simple perks PUHLEEAAAASE!

Console focus
Yes, consoles do provide the larger part of the player base, but ignoring the PC community is bad as well. If CoD was more PC oriented a lot more people would play it, and a lot more people would play it competitively... PC is the home to most competitive games and players, consoles are much more oriented to casual gamers.
Now, I am not exactly sure if going competitive is a good direction for CoD, but then again a bit more PC focus would never be bad.

Dedicated servers
This was a really stupid thing to remove, having dedicated servers basically removed host advantage, made everyone who is geographically equidistant from the server equal. This removes the need for any stupid lag compensation (that doesn't work), and basically removes the hacker issue by having active admins in most servers most of the time.

(Please note that this is only the first part of my rant, I will write more as actually good ideas (other than TA sucks!) pop up in my head)
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Monday, April 8th 2013, 5:18am

No flamebait needed.

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