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Saturday, April 13th 2013, 5:12am

Another change in Black Ops 2 is that your weapon can't kick below your original point of aim, so weapons like the Vector have a high chance of having no recoil on the first shot.
Does that apply to only the first round? Can any subsequent round ever impact below the original point of aim?

Do the random recoil numbers for second and subsequent rounds each calculate from the impact point of the previous round?
That would explain how weapons that don't even have a negative pitch number are ALWAYS riding up, but could a negative pitch number actually (kinda) help re-center a weapon vertically?
If so, what happens to a random recoil number that would send a number below the original point of aim? Is it just reduced to a number that would bring it down to the original "horizon?"

Can I use your Vector comment to clarify recoil for myself?

57.7 up + 52.5 down = 110.2 range of possibilities
anything negative is disallowed because it's below original point of aim so 47.6% chance (52.5/110.2) of no vertical recoil at all
(pretty good vs. say SCAR and AN-94 which are guaranteed to pitch up)

27.2% chance (30/110.2) of pitching up 30 because anything positive but less would be bumped up to minimum Magnitude 30
25.1% chance ((57.7-30)/110.2) of pitching up between 30 and 57.7max
52.3% chance (27.2+25.1) of pitching up at all vs. 47.6% chance of no vertical recoil

but then, if the first round pitched up, is that 47.6% chance of no initial recoil now the odds of the next round actually pitching down??
And if so, would a negative pitch on the second round that is greater than any positive pitch that affected the first round bring that second round down to the original "horizon"?

The "original point of aim" and the Magnitude make recoil a funny thing to get a grip on (no pun intended).

Much respect for your work Marvel 4
My question exactly.

Ceej vic



Saturday, May 11th 2013, 10:42am

Not really, it's more complicated than that.
Lol. Great! Thanks for explaining haha :D

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Saturday, May 11th 2013, 11:56am

Well, if you really want to know:
Hey, A Message Board - Kicks and Speeds: Recoil In-Depth

I warned you. :P