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Wednesday, May 14th 2014, 8:28am

HC perks and Damage

Alright guys, first I need some confirmation on explosive damage in hardcore. So far I have yet to find the mitigation percentages or flat reduction from blast resist, and the damage increase from danger close.
So far from personal experience I have concluded that thermobaric grenades will be resisted by blast resist even if you are using danger close. Ieds are resisted by blast resist, in most instances an ied was capable of 1 shoting me with danger even with blast resist on. Semtex, Canisters, Noob Tubes, Frags and c4 worked relatively similar to the Ied. Griffon missiles take me anywhere from 2 (direct contact) - 5(at the end of radius) without danger close. With danger close it will take 1-3 shots. Similar differences with the helo pilot.

Does anyone have the numbers behind these perks?

Also I have a hc clip where I shot someone less than 35m from me and got a hit marker with my lynx. Explain?