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: Apr 23rd 2014

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 9:55pm

Best Riot Shield Class Loadouts

The Following Classes are my favorite and most successful loadouts using Riot Shields:

Maniac Recon-
Combat Knife
Riot shield with Radar
Throwing Knife x2
No Tactical

Overkill, Strongarm, Extra Lethal, Reflex, Ready Up

Asault Killstreaks-
Guard Dog, Vulture, Loki
SATCOM, Guard Dog, Sentry Gun
Guard Dog, Vulture, Maniac

Support Killstreaks-
Ammo Crate, Ballistic Vests, Support Squadmate.
Support Squadmate, Oracle, Odin.
Support Squadmate, Juggernaut Recon, Odin.




Tuesday, June 10th 2014, 3:23pm

Riot class

Since the animation patch, riot+C4 is next to useless. I now use semtex bomb in place of C4 (just to throw on a camper if needed)

Riot shield w/radar is the best you can get for finding campers. I play HC TDM (so there are lots of campers) Because it takes two satcom's to make a uav, I find that most ppl will not waste 3perk pts on Off the Grid. Note: Even without a mini map up, the radar will make a "ping" sound to indicate where an enemy is located.

The strategy: Find them on radar and kill them (gun or explosive). If they see you 1st, let them shoot the shield until you get an opening (they pause, try to throw explosive, etc) then you flip out your gun and shot them. The key is to line up your shot while they are shooting the shield (you can put a lil dot on you tv screen to help you know where your gun will aim once you swap to it)

There are certain guns that will flip out and shot fast enough for this tactic to work. They are MTarX, Ripper, any pistol (gold PDW=BEST), ChainSaw, and honey badger (honey badger is a lil slower coming out but still can work). Based on the gun stats I found on this site, I believe the maverick AR will work too but I have not tested it. (I have tested all others personally)

Another tactic is to stand in a window with the shield down and then flip out and shot ppl you see or have someone stand behind you and shot the enemy while you block bullets (got 13 assist using this once).

The setup is: Riot/radar + reflex perk+overkill+GUN NOTE: you will not need overkill if you use pistol.

The rest of the setup can be whatever best suits you. I like to use one or more of the following: amplify, dead silence, IED=camping, semtex=rushing, hardline (2assist=1pt toward kill streak), blast shield, sitrep=rushing

This is a very fun and rewarding class setup. PICTURE come in to an area and some pu$$y camper lying in a corn gets the drop on you. They shot your shield, to no avail..they get up to run or throw something at you, but now it's YOUR TURN. You flip out your gun...pop, pop, on to the next one.

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