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Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 4:34am

K.E.M. Strike not being awarded

I have had multiple games where I get more than 25 weapon kills in a row and have not received a K.E.M. Strike.
Did a quick google search and noticed that it seems to be happening to other people.
Does anyone know what the problem is?

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Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 4:55am

Hmm, the only time I know that you can't use a KEM strike is in infected. If you get one then become infected, you can't use it, as being infected "wipes" you, so if that happens, unlucky! I know most people call it in, so even if they get infected, it still works, and humorously, wipes out the remaining survivors for a quick win! (game recognises the KEM strike as an infected one lol COD logic).
But I'm guessing that wasn't to blame. I suspect it's a random bug, as I've been able to call in a KEM strike. Best bet would be to search the official forums, to see if this is a widespread issue, and of it is, could be patched soon, as the new DLC is out on the 28th of January.
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