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Monday, January 13th 2014, 11:16pm

Best equipment (lethal or tactical) to use in S&D?

In Search I can't decide what equipment to use with my final perk point. There are no more 1 point perks that I want and I don't need a secondary. Should I uses lethal or tactical equipment and which one do you suggest? Currently I'm using the thermobaric grenade


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Monday, January 13th 2014, 11:22pm

DONT LOCK THIS ITS GHOSTS. I would use a lethal grenade, due to the potential kill involved and the only one life permitted. Like, just frag the base when it's armed, or when you're coming up on it.
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Tuesday, January 14th 2014, 10:16pm


I suggest smoke or concussion for offensive classes.




Tuesday, January 14th 2014, 11:13pm

so if I choose a lethal, which one would you recommend? In previous games I've used C4 but for some reason it doesn't feel as effective as it did in previous games. I know the canister bomb has a large kill radius but you can't throw it very far compared to a frag.

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Wednesday, January 15th 2014, 8:45pm

If you like c4, then I suggest keeping it. The canister bomb is kind of tough to use at times.