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Wednesday, December 16th 2015, 2:04am

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault

Curious if anyone from Symthic has picked up the new F2P game in Early Access right now (available via Steam or Nexon's own site). It's kind of in Beta/EA and the only way to get in is to buy an Early Access pack, but they're very reasonably priced. The second-highest benefit pack is only £6 at the moment, and doesnt have much less than the big £22 one (that big pack's main draw is a motoko skin which is basically just a recolor and you dont see it much ingame anyway as it's an FPS).

It's certainly a bit rough around the edges - it's more a CoD style close range run and gun shooter, with a CS-Go mode as one of the options, but the UI is quite slick and the sound design is awesome. Gunplay feels great even if the hitreg and lag is a big meh, but overall I'm having a blast with it. They even got the english VA's from the Stand Alone Complex GitS anime to do all the voicing - whilst a CoD-style shooter is hardly the best way to do a homage to the series, it certainly has the right atmosphere.

Gun-wise, it's the usual thing of a fair selection of guns which are mostly locked behind ingame currency or experience, though the starter Assault Rifle, SMG and Bolt Action that everyone gets free are all really nice. The game does seem to have a decently complex attachment system, with a variety of stats you can modify via new barrels/muzzles and such - whilst I doubt the game will be big enough to warrant it, if it was a more popular game it would definitely benefit from the Symthic database treatment I think given the amount of guns/attachments it has.

I'm having a lot of fun with it - it's hardly an AAA title but for fans of the series who want something quick and fun I'd recommend it for the incredibly cheap price of the non-elite Early Access packs.

Anyone else playing it?


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Wednesday, December 16th 2015, 12:12pm

I love the anime, but the game is just nothing like it other than having the same character looks... It's just a random FPS ;o

Plus, it's not ghost in the shell without the Japanese voices.. The English dub anime.. ugh... They all sound like massive wimps

So... No.... It's in the blasphemy/sacrilege/cashgrab pile for me


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Wednesday, December 16th 2015, 12:24pm

played the alpha(or was it the beta?) couple months ago, it sucked, especially regarding sime things such as setting, controls customization and fluidity of commands(it felt way clunkyier than counter strike and bad company)
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