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Tuesday, October 27th 2015, 3:36pm

Giving less points and not showing kills/deaths in a scoreboard would only go halfway to eliminating the widespread focus on K/D. It'd also have to be removed from the player profile's stat report. Not only will many dislike not being able to see that statistic, but I think it's still only at the halfway mark. To discourage K/D minded play, deaths would have to be even less consequential. As long as you can keep an enemy squad or team down and foil their plans by killing them a lot more than they kill you it will be an important statistic. Sure, K/D alone can't win against ticket bleed, but it helps establish map control as well.
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Of course, this ignores the non-constant cross-sectional first moment of area across the chest as well as non-constant material properties of the boob; it would be difficult to perform a more detailed analysis (as in, I'd have to have a shape function AND I'd need to derive a function for elastic modulus as a function of lateral breast coordinate) but whatever. It's 2am and I'm lazy.

I always believed science should be very hands on experience.

You should also answer this question I had posed in that thread: Would you be willing to pay your surgeon more if he was going to use a chainsaw for the opening incision of surgery? Clearly using a chainsaw isn't truly suited for surgery but that doesn't really matter. If he's "skilled" enough to be able to use the wrong tools of the trade, he should be rewarded for that skill right?

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Thursday, October 29th 2015, 7:32pm

Am I a bad person, if I get mad if I die, because KD is so prevalent on Battlelog ?

I know, I shouldnt care, but cant stop. For some stupid reason, I care.

I hate Battlelog because of that!

Therefore, everyone who wants the best for the battlefield franchise is against battlelog and its public penis measurement presentation.

If anything, then I am curious how a No-Classes-System could look like for BF.
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Thursday, October 29th 2015, 8:09pm

I'm not against vehicles having auto regen, especially air vehicles since chip damage is annoying, and can ruin fun. Combine that with maps that don't have many suitable landing spots, so that if you wanted to bail out and repair you couldn't, and suddenly the air game becomes about camping the other teams spawn so as to avoid damage and stay in the fight longer.

However if suitable designated zones on the map were implemented so that flying into them gradually restored HP and ammo like a medbag/ammo bag for vehicles, and if the Hp regen was disabled when under fire, then I wouldn't complain.

As it is functionally now, with auto regen ammo and health is that it's similar in function without the designated zones creating kill zones/safe zones for opponents.