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Monday, September 7th 2015, 2:50am


Chivalry is (was) on sale on Steam, and I picked it up. Mostly because I wanted the unique melee weapon for Killing Floor 2, but because I had the game I figured I'd give it a shot.

Man, it's addicting! I was never one for the hack n slash, other than say Soul Caliber every once in a while when I still had an Xbox, but it's a unique change of pace and a fun, but extremely difficult, game to play! It's also one of the only first-person sword play games I've come across.

It sort of plays like Battlefield but it's set in the middle ages. There's team deathmatch and free for alls and such, but there's also mission based gameplay. Mostly attack/defend, where you have to push/repell a siege weapon, kill/protect civilians, destroy/defend crop fields and houses, and kill/protect a king figure.
There's 4 playable classes with their own unique weapons and play styles: Archer, Man-At-Arms (light weapons), Vanguard (long swords/pole weapons), and Knight (heavy armor, medium weapons).

Combat is pretty complex, with two quick attacks, two heavy attacks, a stab, and a block for each melee weapon, and even a method of faking out your opponent. Animations can throw you off a bit, but overall it plays well.

Anyone have it and play it? What do you think?
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Monday, September 7th 2015, 8:26pm

It's a fun game, I've not played it too much but I enjoy it when I do, it's something different and it's well executed.


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