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Tuesday, September 11th 2018, 9:34am

About hackers in Batterfield4

I often hear players complain about the hackers in the game. I do not understand why people stay on servers when they know there is a cheat on the other team and they complain in the chat. I do not expect anything from the DICE problem. If they do not cheat on BF1 ... will they all be banned in a "dead" game? We all know the answer :(

I play this game on Xbox One and I only saw one hacker. I'm sure they're here, but I've never seen them in my almost fifty days of play. People who say: "That's why I play on the console." "I have more than 1700 hours in BF4 and I found a total of 5 tricks and they launched very fast." Although K / D does not matter, a hacker is definitely not the one to lower your K / D. the game of PC is not full of scammers, I can play for months without falling into a pirate.

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Wednesday, September 12th 2018, 5:15pm

Enabled this to further ask comments from other people: Have you experienced hackers in your platform? From what I recall, (rage) hackers are quite rare in Battlefield games on PC. Rage hackers are easy to ban, so I figure they are either banned and/or people are tuning down their hacks to avoid detection.
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Wednesday, September 12th 2018, 6:11pm

PC BF4 player here, with probably over one thousand hours. I've only come across a guaranteed hacker once (aimbot + fire through terrain). I see hackusations against players merely based on their scoreboard K/D so often that it has almost become a standard of performance measurement. On the other hand, like Miffy says, I have no idea how prevalent more subtle and less effective hacks, like wallhacks, are. With Battlefield's spotting mechanics, someone that seems to have a wallhack could just be tracking spotted players on the minimap.
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Wednesday, September 12th 2018, 6:38pm

Hackers are there and must be, the cheat sites would otherwise be out of business, but to actually encounter one is a rather rare occurence, since the hacks must be rather obvious. Stuff like killing players with a medbag or without direct sightlines with one hit is also very server specific I presume. I am darn sure you will see more hackers in a 64 player Metro/Locker server.

Also most cheaters will likely be banned within the first hours of their gamesessions. If you were on a server with an active admin, or with fairfight messages enabled, you would see them being banned as they join.

Personally I met maybe 10-12 cheaters in BF3, and a few less in BF4. Hardly a problem in 2000h combined. To guess the actual number is tricky though, since many might also be really bad with hacks, or use something that is a little under the radar, like spotting everyone on the minimap, or a no recoil or no spread cheat.

So I would say the effect cheaters had on my game experience is basically non-existant. However, judging by the chat, the forums etc. the disturbance is rather huge. Most of this stems from the fact that people always overestimate their wn proficiency and are therefore more inclined to doubt everyone else's skill level. I think I can take anyone in BF4 with my skillset and every once in a while I meet someone that just bests me every time, and that can even enrage me. :D
BF4 is such a fast game and a lot of unpredictable and random things happen all the time that people often can not see the whole picture. Maybe you weren't at full health, maybe you were spotted all the time, maybe there was another guy shooting at you, maybe you slipped your finger on your mouse and maybe your opponent just did the play of his life.

You can not possibly interpret all the stuff happening correctly all the time and that is where inexplicable things can turn to hackusations. It is a really interesting topic to debate about, from all perspectives.




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Wednesday, September 12th 2018, 9:44pm


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