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Saturday, August 19th 2017, 2:37am

For point 1: I'd argue that's, again, more to do with the gun's inherent inaccuracy/spread at range and less because of the gun's projectile speed; no-one complains about stealth-sniper Zen and his projectiles are only maginally faster that Orisa's.
For point 2: Again this is a spread thing; players are alive long enough to flee because bullets are going around them.
But it doesn't matter in all honesty, the change will be interesting and I'm quite happy to see how it plays out.
Not really a point warranting discussion as I do agree entirely with you but I'mma do dat shit anyways: Tanks melt when focused regardless. That's sort of the point of having DPS heroes in both teams...
I love getting snipes with Zen (and respect getting sniped) as much as the next guy, but even with his recently removed spread, I've found it more efficient to simply shoot enemies with hitscan guns with no travel time. Point being that many of the accurate and even perfectly accurate projectile characters I've played against are usually easy to dodge unless the distance is closed. With a few examples, most competent players in TF2 never get hit by long-distance rockets, pipes, stickies or other projectiles as long as they pay attention to their direction, in spite of the fact that they are technically perfectly accurate. The same applies with Pharah's rockets, Junkrat's grenades and other similar weapons (as an extreme example, Symmetra's right-click orbs). Orisa, I concede, is probably an exception. She does build up quite a bit of spread in spite of the fact that I've sniped long-distance targets before and believed that my opponents should have simply evaded my shots.

I agree that tanks should be focused down when shot, though; I just believed Orisa didn't have enough protection outside of her barrier to at least give her a chance to flee. I have no problem with her being screwed if both Barrier and Fortify are on cooldown.

No, have to disagree with you on this one. I still think the new Hog changes are going to bring him back to pre-hook levels of broken, and it's that bad kind of broken where it's undeniably fucking broken but that does mean that you got to enjoy Genjis getting their faces caved in repeatedly (like you could with the pre-patch hook combo; literally the only reason anyone fucking put up with it...). This primarily comes back to my side-comment re Orisa; you SHOULD be able to melt a tank with enough damage, a team fight with one tank and more-than-say-2 DPS heroes should always end in the DPS' favour so long as they're not fucking idiots. Honestly, at this point, I'd rather they brought his old damage model back but on a longer cooldown than impliment this...He's just going to feed ult and not really do a whole lot else now except annoy more people with his existence!
I had thoughts about this actually and was wondering which was more frustrating; getting one-shot all the time by Hog or being unable to kill Hog at all. I remember the devs specifically making a comment that this change was probably too powerful. The times I have seen the PTR changes in action were when they were used by Harbleu. It didn't appear to me that he was too difficult to kill, but then again, he was only playing the new Deathmatch mode. (As a side-note, he liked the changes and thought they would at least bring Hog back into ranked, but didn't believe they were enough to bring him back to pro-level viability.)

I've argued with other players citing Hog's 600 HP combined with his 195 DPS at ~5-10+ meters as enough reason to warrant Hog's viability as a tanky brawler rather than an odd glass cannon. Most objective distances are close enough for him to engage at his effective range, but I will admit that his huge spread makes his damage rather inconsistent unless he's point-blank.

My preference would rather be for a more conditional one-shot than having a longer cooldown plus the old damage model. I don't find it entirely fun to have teamfights decided by one hook; I had thoughts for it to have something along the lines of the sniper sweet spot from BF1, where the follow-up shot damage scaled with the distance to a target up to a one-shot at the maximum of 20 meters.


Going a bit off-topic here, I blame their administration for For Honor's sorry state as well as the developers having to pick the shit up for Rainbow Six Siege (which is surprisingly doing OK besides many questionable design decisions.)

IMO, Hog should have 750 health (with a 250 heal with a 5s cooldown) and have a passive that grants 30% less ult charge *to enemies*. That would swing ult advantage in your team's favor by giving Hog himself and your healers more charge. He'd also be much less frustrating to play against (provided your flanks aren't absolute garbage incapable of killing Mercies).

They could also do something interesting with Hog's ult charging faster but doing less damage--making a character completely ult-oriented would be really interesting.

The passive reduction in ult-charge is exactly the change I've argued for and have seen other players suggest in the past. It's probably better than the ideas above as well. Dunno about 750 health though; that's approaching average shield-level tankiness.

The devs have already implemented a slighlty faster ult-charge for Hog in the past to compensate for his vulnerability; its effectiveness hasn't been evident enough to me as of late.

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Thursday, March 29th 2018, 11:30am

Anybody wanna play? pm for battletag. Main: REINHARDT, ROADHOG, WINSTON, MERCY, SYMMETRA, ANA, ORISA, JUNKRAT.

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