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Sunday, February 14th 2016, 5:45pm

Homefront: The Revolution

Since so many other threads for different games opened, when a beta arrived why not for Homefront: The Revolution as well? Well, might be because its a closed beta just for XBONE users.

So I havent played anything, just watched some gameplay and some lets plays.... and I am not hyped for it. Not at all.

I have to admit, I havent played the predecessor, but I repeatedly heard, the Multiplayer was great. Stupid younger me havent bought it, because it was on the embarrasing bandwagon.

Since I missed the previous one, I was curious on the next one.

Making Singleplayer Open World... So, so, could be good, but bad as well. Something middleground: linear, but larger levels than a simple corridor might suit better. However, Open World - Good.

4 player Coop - Bad.

The previous one has earned good reputation for its multiplayer, WHY not use this Asset and build upon it?

I am really merely interested in Coop anything. Let's see, it may turn out to be fun.

Oh and btw. I will never NOT buy a game because some say its ridiculous. Games should be fun -> ridiculous doesnt matter. I made this mistake once I dont want to do it again.
still playin' Motorstorm

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