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Holy War? No Thanks.


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Monday, August 31st 2015, 12:52pm

I remember I got my one from the most heated argument (you can no longer call it discussion) I ever experienced on symthic. It was basically Rainkloud, Aenonar, C0llis and me arguing that seat switching especially in the AH was an exploit/bug/glitch, against Tehmoriz, Darktan, J0hn, element and partially Labby (who left before it became famous :D ).
Somewhere in the middle there were several mods were threatening to lock, while J0hn was arguing for 1 week bans, at which point he would probably have needed to be banned himself. :D I guess element gave me the title after I said, even if God spawned on my chopper and declared holy war, I would not seat switch. :D Obviously it was a memorable quote.

Looking back (it was a month before BF4 release), I think the whole argument was needlessly heated by both sides, but it really shaped me on symthic. Me and tehmoriz had a couple of disputes afterwards, while I always agreed with Aenonar and C0llis. In the end everybody just figured out that some people just have different opinions on certain matters and here we learn that each of them is equally valuable and diverse.

I think the mechanic is quite cool because it creates anecdotes that people usually like to look back to, and it is a badge, even if some might be meant saracastic or not fully benevolent, there is always a story behind it. I think it is important though that the wearer of the title knows why he has it.


50 Shades of Dice


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Monday, August 31st 2015, 1:43pm

That's really cool. I had a few titles, most of them about my mostly humourless nature but the current one comes from a discussion on my personal life that came up. I am fairly open in my practice of BDSM and Sokolovac one night on Skype asked me if I wanted the title. (More I feel let me know he had come up with it and less "Do you want it") I felt it fit me rather well and accepted it with no small amount of humour. (" Fuck yes, do it" I think was my response)

Also, hi Legion, blame Revolver for reminding me this place existed. I hope I ain't going to piss off too many people for showing up again. (Other then Viper who I know will be displeased, but fuck, ain't ever pleased everyone.)


Be Creative.


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Monday, August 31st 2015, 2:27pm

I hope I ain't going to piss off too many people for showing up again.

I guess you'll have to roll the...

Never mind. I'm too young to be a dad.