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Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 10:00pm


Anyone here read webcomics and have a good one to share?

In the "What's the above user's avatar saying" thread I linked this one but figured I'd make a separate topic for this sole purpose.

The Abominable Charles Christopher | Episode One

The Abominable Charles Christopher is a webcomic created by Karl Kershel, an artist who has over 20 years of experience with comics and has worked on Superman, The Flash, and Assassin's Creed among other things. It follows the adventures of Charles, a yeti, as he navigates the forest on a mysterious quest that later transforms into a re-imagination of the classic tale of Gilgamesh and Enkidu.

Very powerful and emotionally rich comic with multiple side stories, plenty of humor, and a stunning visual quality that is unmistakable. Highly recommended.

My current avatar is taken from a panel, it's Karl's Gilgamesh during a rushing assault on Charles (Enkidu) with some editing on my part.

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Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 10:07pm

Dunno if actual webcomics, but I "follow" XKCD, CAD and SATW
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Sorry if your name wasn't on the list, I honestly can't recall all names : ( . Nudge me if you want to be included


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Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 10:09pm

Loved Gamer9 but it's pretty dead now.

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Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 10:14pm

Cyanide and Happiness
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
I used to follow UG Madness but now it's dead.
A few others I can't recall.
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Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 10:24pm

Everybody's Favourite Worthless Support and LMG Fan! :thumbsup:

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Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 10:44pm

Thanks man. I recognized Ghilgamesh but could remember the name of the comic. I meant to pm you but i forgot.

Currently I have in my "comix" bookmark folder (some I should probably delete as I have lost interest)
Looking for group (it's ok but I mostly just watch it out of habit nowadays)
Penny arcade: always delivers, funny shit. My name (Witchalok) is taken out of one of their comics (they were poking fun at some fantasy book series)
Girl genius: it's ok but a shitload of backload if you are new to it
SMBC: good stuff
Amazing Super Powers: funny goofy stuff
Goblins: don't know why I bother anymore to be honest, I really dislike the writer but mostly just out of habit
Erfworld: I really enjoyed the first series, then they changed the artist, now they have a new one but i don't know why they aren't updating the comic (we do get these "book" updates). One of the greatest imo, the first "book" was excellent.
Giant in the playground: Epic stuff.
The adventures of Dr. McNinja: it's funny sometimes
Hunter black: newish comic, it's fine
First encounters: updates once in a blue moon
I am ARGH!: funny most of the time
Yellow peril: it's made by the artist who drew the first erfworld. So I mostly read it just for that.

I used to read many more, but for some I just lost interest. Sinfest, pvp, XCDK, cyanide and happines (mostly good stuff but I am "tired" of their stuff). Some just reached their end.
I enjoyed one that was with a succubus and can never remember the name to pick it up again.
There are some who I enjoyed quite a lot but they stopped updating (or they just update once per year) that I really enjoyed but to be honest I've mostly forgotten their names by now.

I really should have mentioned perry bible fellowship. very good stuff.
Spudcomics was also nice.

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Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 10:46pm

Cyanide and Happiness is the only one I read regularly.

It never fails to brighten up my day :D
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Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 10:51pm

I mainly follow humorous comics/shorts like cyanide & happiness, one of those that wasn't mentioned already was

A comic that follows a real storyline and is interesting is Nimona

And if you're into dirty stuff: shadbase (which is pretty much sick porn, but used to be mainly fun back in the day)

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Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 10:54pm

Sorry for insisting, but anyone who enjoys Cyanide and Happiness should give Amazing Super Powers a go (most comics have a "bonus" panel if you click the question mark sign in the top right corner).
An example (I just pressed random).


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Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 11:01pm

Depends what you want.

Daily Marine Corps strip: Terminal Lance

Pokemon Nuzlocke comic and forum comics: Nuzlocke

Fantasy story about humans and animals that isn't completely creepy: Twokinds

Daily comic video games elements: Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

That's just some. I have more. I would label this thread or something in the OP as saying that you should assume all of these comics are NSFW.
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