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Tuesday, March 26th 2013, 11:12pm

only reason console are not open for modding is money, i see steam coming out with a console like PC with a open free/cheap to use SDK and and a modding workshop. All steam needs is the hardware at a price point of 400-500 something they are working on with few companys..and Sony and Microsoft will change there game plan to include opening the API/SDK kits.

Why dice for frostbite has not let SDK kit out i bet even with a lowest of low level modding all frostbit games would be open due to the way frostbite engine works. Also BF3 shown even with just clientside modding effects servers. I would even go so far as to say with a server side errors with a bad mod you could push errors to battlelog.

Advantages of consoles being not open:

- minimal piracy
- no harmful software
- safer in daily use (a.k.a user canīt screw up anything...go ahead and delete system32 and you will see what I mean)
- ability to publish exlsuive titles
- control over what will be published on consoles and what wonīt
- usually lower hardware requirements

And there is no point for Sony/Microsoft changing this policy. And again your comparison with the Steam Box is a bad one. Like you mentioned itīs a PC, which makes it an open platform. You can already do this yourself. You donīt need to wait for valve to bring out the Steam Box. Just get yourself a cheap Medion PC for 500 bucks and plug it in your TV. Then use a controller to play and there you go. Your own selfmade Steam Box. I doubt Sony/Microsoft will feel too much pressure from the release. Their consoles are established and accepted the way they are. Same thing with the Apples mobile devices (consoles). They feel the pressure from Android devices (PCīs), but one more Android device more (Steam Box) doesnīt hurt them to much since there are already far more Android devices (PCīs) out there then Apple devices (consoles). Apple (Sony/Microsoft) stays still strong on the market and has no reason to open up their platform (IOS for Apple and consoles FWs for Sony/Microsoft).

Now your second argument is kind of hard to understand. I hope I got it wright. Please improve on the grammar in your next post (It doesnīt need to be perfect, but make it easier to understand).

DICE once made a post about why they didnīt release any kind of mod-tools. You might have to google it since I donīt remember the exact argumentation anymore. But from talking with a few modders I can tell you this much: BF3 and MOHWF have been horrible so far for modding. The modding community rather focuses on older games and games with good mod support than modern triple-A shooters. Itīs just more fun to actually work on your mod and add things instead of trying to figure a new engine out. And now they are even supposed to mod on consoles?? Hell no!

See? Even if consoles get some kind of mod support (highly unlikely) you still need games and modders to support it as well.

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In other words, this game's code looks like it's written by 5 year old kiddo compared to how DICE did things with BF3.

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Average game in BF3

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Tuesday, March 26th 2013, 11:35pm

Mod tools have nothing to do with consoles, but with DLC.