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: May 27th 2012

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Wednesday, October 31st 2012, 1:58pm

my cell doesnt let me do quotes :|

>But if you ask out of character I sure as hell would say that I'm a guy IRL

I might not :3 Dice can attest to that

>you're part of the community whether you want it or not. Pointless to try to run away from it

You can't escape *eerie halloween voice*


The only man who ever reported his own post!


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: Jul 19th 2012

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Wednesday, October 31st 2012, 2:11pm

Well, I'm not good with that kind of speeches, whatever the language I use.

FRED ! COME BACK ! NOW ! please ?

That sums up quite well what I think. I had to deal with that kind of situation a couple of time IRL, and I forgave them all.
The brit sniper was a role, and you gave us a good representation of that role. May I suggest you another role : You.
I know that role can be the harder of all to accept but it is the only one you can grow with and be proud of.

Please come back with us.

Spoiler Spoiler

*Sad MrT3a*
Stats thingy

Quotes of wisdom (maybe)

I'm a battlefield player, good sir. I don't play metro.

PC is no longer PC master race. It's PC mustard race, because consoles need to ketchup :'D

DICE gave so much into making commander better, but lemmings be lemmings I guess.

As a good guy that don't want to use overly glitched weapons, I'll quit using the MTAR and switch to the ACWR until it's fixed

The world needs more people like you

+1, I think we're all in agreement that more MrT3as would be an awesome thing :love:
Although if that was the case they'd use up so much of the world's awesome that there'd be none left for the rest of us! :D

yes, I know, I'm a big-ass hypocrite

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: Jun 28th 2012

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Wednesday, October 31st 2012, 2:45pm

Well, all I can say is...

There are all kinds of weirdos on the internet.


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: Aug 14th 2012

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Wednesday, October 31st 2012, 3:18pm

Well, all I can say is...

There are all kinds of weirdos on the internet.

IRL as well.


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: May 30th 2012

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Wednesday, October 31st 2012, 3:22pm

Well, all I can say is...

There are all kinds of weirdos on the internet.

I'm probably a "weirdo", and since when is that bad? After all you may be weird to some people's eyes, for others you may just be as normal as anyone else. Just don't let what people think of you affect you.
Bro of Legion, the lurker ninja mod | Tesla FTW | RNG is evil.

Quoted from "MsMuchLove"

I find majority of the complaints I hear about this game somehow never appear in my games.




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Wednesday, October 31st 2012, 3:25pm


I will insert a message in a few =]

MESSAGE: This is the internet. People lie for all sorts of reasons. You can lie on the internet and no-one really gets hurt (in this situations)

Some people are bothered by people lieing. Some are not. Thats human nature.

Fred, you will always be welcome here. We can now get to know the real you.

And we all know the AWSM is better than that shitty Turkish wannabee.

My Video

I used to be an asker like you, then I took a search bar to the knee....

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