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Friday, August 18th 2017, 6:17pm

What did you get?

Dye DAM (it even says so right on that patch :P )


Ahh, the weird font caused me to basically ignore what it said.

Has it been so long? I was sure people were aware I was in the industry. I know all about the Dye Assault Matrix. I worked as an air-tech/repairman for a shop for a few years, I'm Tippmann certified and have lots of experience working on guns. Most comfortable with mechanical guns, but I can and have worked on many a high-end electronic gun. We did sell Dye and Planet-Eclipse, after all.

Yeah, I got my Tippmanns A5 and later X7 Phenom looking great, got the full M416 + M320 vibe going. The underslung is where I put my PP19-style helical magazine, so it's SLEEK. So it looks awesome on the field... but when you go to a big game, and you face off against the guys with speedball "space guns," you're still gonna get outgunned. Why? Because at the end of the day, what matters is projectile going downrange accurately and efficiently... and the "space guns," being professional equipments that real athletes depend their livelihoods on, are just BETTER at it.

I got into the game playing "woodsball", went to many a scenario-game/big-game, but I never got that into the tournament scene. I'd still play "speedball" if I was in the mood or people asked me to join them, but I'd almost always take either my Warped Automag or my CCM T2.
The latter would usually go over better with the crowd than the former, people tend to not want to play with you after you take them out from a virtually unseen position. The Warp-feed was amazing to use. Think of it like the DAM magazine, but on a "spacegun", so you kind of get the advantages of both. You get a good sight picture from the clean top of the gun and more effective use of cover (like the DAM), plus the advantage of a small package and a really fast and nimble marker (like a Mini or what have you).

Not a speedball scenario, but it does highlight the advantage to the Warp. I'm working a window in a fort, was a half hour long game, after 10 minutes people stopped going to that side, I ended up single-handedly shutting down that whole side of the field. I didn't have a single shot come back at me through the window, either, I was effectively invisible; all an attacker would likely see is my muzzle and part of my head, no hopper to hit.

Here's another cool one where I'm unconventionally using a staircase. Once again I'm getting shots on people from a position where I'm barely exposed to them, and it's a position they wouldn't really expect since actually being there with a traditional marker would basically be suicide.

When playing speedball with that I would do things like lay down behind the bunkers and shoot up at people from a roll-over prone position, the Warp could feed upside down! When everyone else is limited to typical "snap-shooting" from the left and right, but I can go up and down as well and fire on them from near total cover, they tend to start all gunning for you on the break or trying to flank you super aggressively, once I got to a piece of cover and dug in I was really hard to hit. That gun was fast, too. The AGD RT-Pro was mechanical but with practice you could still "walk" the trigger speedball style and get a pretty decent rate of fire (not as good as an electro but still pretty good), and it also had a built-in effect very similar to the Tippmann Response Trigger where the trigger was force-reset. If you lightly pulled it and kept steady pressure you could get the gun to essentially fire full-auto, and I've clocked this at 25 shots per second with a good trigger press. I wouldn't use it all the time, and I usually couldn't get that high a speed when actually in game, but if I let that gun rip it took a lot of people by surprise.

The big disadvantage to the setup was it's weight. I could have done many things to lighten it up; Automags are very easy to customize and I could have replaced nearly every steel part with an aluminum part and gotten lightening-milled components to replace existing aluminum parts, probably cut the weight in half, but I left it mostly steel and billet. It literally weighed 10lbs/4.5Kg unloaded and would wear me out in no time, so about the time my opponents were getting aggressive enough I was getting tired and it was an uphill battle to keep my play consistent.

The T2, though, was my ultimate favorite gun to use. I have very few photos of me actually playing with it, most are obstructed view, except this one.

That gun was probably the best performing gun I had, and it was a pump-action! CCM charges around $600 for those guys without barrels, and they're well worth it. Super impressive. Smooth pump stroke, perfect machining, high quality anodizing, they barely weigh anything, they're all made to order (I got mine second hand, though), just incredible to handle and actually use.

I had a Lapco .682 barrel on it and mine would shoot, and I'm not even exaggerating here, +/- 1 fps with good paint. I had more than one referee tell me it was the most consistent gun they'd ever seen shoot over the chronograph! No doubt the small bore barrel was helping, but the CCM spring rates, valve tuning, hammer weight, and regulator settings were as close to perfect as you could get! It was simply a joy to shoot! I've had my share of electronic guns, "tested" many more than I actually owned, and in the end it's just not my style. I'd much rather have a nice CCM pump over something like a Planet Eclipse or DYE gun.

Man, now I'm pining for my AGD and CCM... This topic is going to make me spend money...
All bike, all the time!

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