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Sunday, May 28th 2017, 12:48pm

My cousin got married today in a very happy wedding.

Lots of drinking was involved. ('cept me, cause I don't drink)

There was also dancing and delicious food; a short, quaint ceremony. Good times.

Sounds good to me too!
My big sis is getting married soon - in about a fortnight actually, and we hung out earlier today for the first time in weeks. And by hang out, I mean shopped for stuff for the reception.
It's a great feeling when you see someone that happy to be with someone else. On another note, her fiance fits right in with the family. They're both fantastic for each other.
I love the math behind the statistics
It's possible to find me online at almost any given time, due to the fact that my schedule is hectic and rather non-existent.

Who needs sleep anyways?
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Various bf4 spreadsheets: (nothing special, just raw data from the Symthic website put into a spreadsheet to analyze all values at once)

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General Weapon spreadsheet:
Soldier Equipment:
Interactive Damage Table
bf4_dmg_at_range - Google Sheets
Unsuppressed Sniper Rifle Bullet Drop Charts
Suppressed Sniper Rifle Bullet Drop Charts
Suppressed bf4_sniper_guide
More user friendly Unsuppressed Sniper Rifle Bullet Drop Chart
Friendlier Sniper rifle Bullet Drop Chart
More user friendly Suppressed Sniper Rifle Bullet Drop Chart
Friendlier Suppressed Sniper Rifle Bullet Drop Chart


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Sunday, May 28th 2017, 7:30pm

Mother dearest got bored and made this by the front door. It's a bit like the clock the Weasley family had in Harry Potter :D
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Wednesday, May 31st 2017, 8:39am

Premium Bandai Presents The HGIBO Tekkadan Complete Set

Data Browser

Passive Spotting is the future!

With this, I'll rid MGO3 of infestation. Sans bad gameplay MGO3 will be torn asunder. And then it shall be free. People will suffer, of course - a phantom pain.

Reddit and Konami will rewrite the records... And I will be demonized in human memory. But... The thirst for good gameplay that I have planted will infest MGO3. No one can stop it now. The Rebalance Mod will unleash that thirst unto the future.

Are you a scrub?

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Thursday, June 1st 2017, 1:57pm

talking about figures, mine arrived as well, and as the weeaboo that apparently i am, i chose one of an anime i've never seen and only read about a couple times here and there to substitute the one that bboy didn't end up buying(i still sold it to someone else in the end) but bought because i liked a damn lot how it looked, was fairly cheap(35€ with shipping from uk) and made a sorta promise with the seller a lot of time ago.

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too bad for that wrong hair color on the strand of hair, but the shitty QC is why people hate griffon, even moreso nowadays that i-con isn't their main sculptor( the other guys REALLY suck)
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stuff mostly unrelated to BF4 that interests nobody

on 13/05/2016
23rd M320FB user on pc(13/05/16)
rush mode score RANK:2794 TOP:2% OUT OF:215398
obliteration mode scoreRANK:994 TOP:1% OUT OF:159466
handgun medals RANK:2236 TOP:2% OUT OF:143874
longest headshot RANK:9512 TOP:4% OUT OF:257589
recon score RANK:10871 TOP:4% OUT OF:274899
general score per minute RANK:10016 TOP:4% OUT OF:294774

31/3/2012 4:58:

Headshot distance RANK:493* TOP:0%
Revives per assault minute RANK: 6019 TOP: 3%
Headshots / kill percentage RANK:25947 TOP:13%
MVP ribbons RANK:18824 TOP:11%

*= 6 if we not count the EOD BOT headshots





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Tuesday, June 20th 2017, 12:21pm

PlayStation(R)4?Steam?????.hack//G.U. Last Recode?????PV - YouTube
After 10 years of waiting, Bandai Namco has redeemed themselves
My heart can rest easy, and my body jumping with hype!

I'm only proud of my BF3 stats. I've barely played BF4.
I am a proud member of the Church of The One True Tohsaka. Our one and only Goddess!

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All those open ports where just too much temptation for him...

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