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Friday, October 19th 2012, 2:07am

The whole nazi thing

Apparently, i've been labelled a nazi for my posts on the Debate Thread. Also, a whole thing was made of the discussion that was sparked by those same posts (which i really find silly and i really think some people need to grow a thicker skin). For those reasons, Auto, as a mod, encouraged me to make a thread "apologizing" for that thing. He's the biggest reason i'm typing this.

First of all, make no mistake: this is not an apology. This is, simply, the clarification of a couple of things: i'm not a nazi and i'm not racist; i've had friends of various races and i don't have posters of Hitler hanging up on my bedroom walls.

The picture i posted of the association between the Dark Knight and Hitler i had found the day before and i thought it was smart how the connection was made. My follow up post was, as a clever reader would have taken, a simple statement of a fact. In no way, semantically, did those sentences imply support or condonation for Hitler's actions. He, clearly, thought he was doing us a favor and he acted accordingly.

I find joy in circumstances when/where multiculturalism works and i support peace between races. However, my experience has been proving me that, if possible, multiculturalism has a long way to go before it's sustainable. In my town, racism is more common than people think and the minorities have done nothing to change that. Also, i believe there is a biological component to "racism", which would make it more than behavioral.

But, then again, i'm a nihilist and i have a picture of a black dude (which i almost worship) as my avatar - if people assumed the wrong things from my posts, i can't blame it on anything else other than their quickness to judge; and their misplaced sensitivity.

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Friday, October 19th 2012, 2:26am

At this point I don't think it would be beneficial for further discussion to continue, so I shall lock this to make it a 'read only' thing. You understand what I mean, it's late...
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