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Friday, September 7th 2012, 5:12pm

My post per day was up to 16 long long ago when this new site was first released, and back then I posted a LOT. But now I've gotten a bit bored and I don't see the point of replying to the things I used to, like, if I see a stupid-ass thread such as 'What setup for AUG A3?' I'll just ignore it. And it's a shame, because I see those types of threads come up way too often.

It's the newbies >.<

I only read threads that tell me something and force me to think. If you ask for a setup then you're two things: 1) you have nothing better to stay on the forums and 2) you're bad at the game. It's not an enjoyable discussion at all, unless you're debating over things like new changes and that sort of stuff.

There's nothing 'stupid ass' about discussiing weapon setups in threads like that. It might not interest you but it is what a lot of people come here for; it's quite nice to have reccomendations and hear statistically explained reasons that certain attatchments work well. It's especially useful for people who aren't that versed in the stats. It's just a different side of the community, no need to poo-poo it just because it doesn't cater to you specifically.
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Hey guys, lets all remember here that this is Symthic, and we are all mature enough to debate a topic without becoming emotional or insulting. Ad Hominim attacks only demonstrate that your position is weak and that you've run out of supporting evidence and serve to undermine your own position. I hope no one here drops to that level.


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