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: Aug 11th 2012

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Friday, August 17th 2012, 7:21pm

dyn0, image not working.
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Does NOT represent Symthic


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: Jan 30th 2012

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Friday, August 17th 2012, 7:23pm

What's this with Turkey and something called International Gamer? O.o


Quotes of the Ages:

Also, sad day when your phone corrects FAMAS to be in caps. Damn it.

That's not bad. My phone corrected "lets deforest Caspian Boarder" into "Lets de-foreskin Asians".... I think my phone is a racist pervert....

I would start singing Disney, but then I would be led on a path of destruction, eventually ending up with a boyfriend who is actually a skull with Macaroni and cheese.

a la Miley Cyrus

An edit by Auto in response to a couple of images of dead Union soldiers from the US Civil War:
Not what Auto wanted to see whilst eating his breakfast.... Put me off my cheerios dammit:/

God I feel like someone just hit me over the head with a bust of Sigmund Freud :D
Fucking hell!

Pandemic 2 made me hate Madagascar more than any other country in the world.


Suidae cathexis


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: Jul 1st 2012

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Friday, August 17th 2012, 7:47pm

What's this with Turkey and something called International Gamer? O.o

You don't want to know. Just run....Run away while you still can :|

Never had a dream about BF3 but I usually dream some dead depressing shit and I've often had fun on BF3 so that could be why :D

Everybody's Favourite Worthless Support and LMG Fan! :thumbsup:

Song currently stuck in my head is: Red Cold River by Breaking Benjamin!


Always trust a Tork!


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: Dec 24th 2011

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Friday, August 17th 2012, 8:33pm

What's this with Turkey and something called International Gamer? O.o

Thou must experience the chat in order to know.

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: May 31st 2012

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Friday, August 17th 2012, 8:38pm

I had a dream where I was literally INSIDE the game with my real life squadmates.
We were running genuine infantry operations on Caspian. Then for some reason, everyone jumped in flying tanks and had a dogfight like we see the jets do. I jumped out and floated to the ground on an MAV and started firing a seriously OP mortar and got banned by a player named solokovac...
Weird dream ?(
PS3: fustyferret148
New TV, no input lag! WOOP WOO- ahh, forget it.

Freds quotes of the year

Quoted from "Nick30075"

Hey, my mother cut my hair! It saved me ten bucks, four of which I had to spend on a hat.

Quoted from "Oscar"

I for one don't oppose boob assimilation! BRING IT ON! (. Y .)

Quoted from "ASG M14 manual"

Shooting at people may result in punishment

Quoted from "LucidNonsenze"

Beer and IRC chat is probably a good idea

Quoted from "chat shenanigans"

<22:54> Revolver_0celo7: yo dick is a sausage
<22:54> fredofthewoods: ALL THE FAT CHICKS LOVE IT

Resident ofSymthicia!!

Athemoe worries me sometimes...


Dutch masterrace


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: Mar 24th 2012

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Friday, August 17th 2012, 8:55pm


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