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  • "LucidNonsenze" started this thread

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Sunday, August 19th 2012, 7:01pm

Dude... I don't know why... But I get it OP. The Cold War...

I saw We were Soldiers a few days ago so ;)

I have these old British books titled "Combat and Survivle" and they are occasionally spotted with the western fears that the Russians would burst through with "more Tanks (and BMPs) than God." They talk about AKMs and SKSs and SA80s and AR15s and all this stuff...

OP, I feel like you would love the Cold War thats more reminiscent of WW2... The Propganda the older 50s weapons etc. I saw old footage of a tall Russian soldier carrying a first generation AK right next to a section of Berlin Wall being built. Cool...

It could also be advanced into a later thing...
The world was on the brink then... A Battlefield where 80s-90s Mechanised Warfare meets Biological Warfare and the Impending Nukes... Would be cool too. If done right.
Its gotta have that serious grey vibe... Kinda like Metro2033 or Saving Private Ryan...

I'd love a sorta Fallout style mixed with a Full-Metal-Jacket meets Saving Private Ryan vibe with a foreboding sense of constant end of the world threat. Some kind of multiplayer campaign where each battle matters and isn't just an individual event, leading up to your eventual defeat, victory, or mutual annihilation (mutual annihilation could even reset your rank in this mode alone to 1, not affecting unlocks though). Sort of like Planetside 2 but much shorter campaigns and a lot darker.


BF4, PC.

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Sunday, August 19th 2012, 10:27pm

Wow... Can't believe I didn't mention Fallout...
Games these days have no grit...

I have no idea how to bring humor into this though...


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Sunday, August 19th 2012, 10:29pm

I'm still hoping BF4 is a code name for BC3.

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Sunday, August 19th 2012, 10:54pm

I'm still hoping BF4 is a code name for BC3.
They already stated that BF4 will be set in the modern day and that there might be another Bad Company game coming out in the future.

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