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Tuesday, October 16th 2018, 10:27pm


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Thursday, October 18th 2018, 4:30pm


> Hears OST
> Sawano x LiSA
Oh fucking boy

I'm only proud of my BF3 stats. I've barely played BF4.
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Thursday, November 15th 2018, 3:06am

I'm very much digging the current season so far. Yes, I am actually watching more than one show as they are airing, and one of those even subbed! The last time I managed to keep up with an airing series was Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.
I'm happy that Funimation started accepting paypal instead of US-only credit cards for their streaming service, along with HiDive's US library being really nice.

As for what I'm currently watching:

Bunny Girl Senpai has been great fun so far, and I hope they manage to keep it up. Seems like it's really popular overall as well, but I think it deserves it. Well-written dialogues with lots of sharp tongues (even if subs are always kinda awkward and sometimes not quite idiomatic), well-paced. Interesting characters, nice plot twists and conceits. Funimation's currently at episode 7, not sure if more is available somewhere else, and I will most definitely try to keep up this time around. It will only be 13 episodes sadly, but there's also a movie on the horizon for next year.

Predictably I'm also following Bloom into You, dubbed only, as it's a fantastic dub so far (three episodes in). Tia Ballard has been doing really well this year for me, DitF's Zero-Two and now Yuu from Bloom into You are so much more up my alley than her performance from Ore Monogatari!! (a show which I found unexpectedly bland as a whole). Beautiful show, in every regard. I love the character design, I love the writing, I love the themes, I even love the pacing so far. A really sweet shoujo-ai love story, with great promise towards coming-of-age topics like identity, individuality, social pressures and (obviously) sexuality. Don't think it'll go anywhere near naughty things and stay purely romantic, and so far it's been doing that really well for me. Also love the opening, fits the show perfectly.

Another obvious contender: Goblin Slayer!!
Need I say more? Let's slay some goblins! Unless you're scared off by the controversial first episode, although it doesn't seem like it's going back to those levels of edge and disturbing. From what I've seen (dubbed again, so 3 episodes here as well so far) it's gonna be a very straight fantasy adventure... I'm ready to have my expectations crushed or something.

I've also been catching up on other things and watched a few more things.

Steins;Gate 0 was good, but not as good as the original series. The first half was also way better than the second, and also had one of the best ending tracks I've ever seen and heard.

Hyouka was very wholesome to watch, has received a really good dub quite recently and looks fantastic.

Karakai-Jozu no Takagi-San also got a fantastic dub earlier this year, with Sarah Weidenheft and Aaron Dismuke in the lead roles. Wholesome enjoyable and hilarious RomCom, pretty much as good as that genre gets in regards to comedy.

Currently I'm also watching Yona of the Dawn on the side. Feels a bit like an old-school gateway anime to me. I'm getting Escaflowne vibes from it and it's a decent show, but it really can't quite compete with that classic.

Ore Monogatari was, as mentioned above, just disappointing for me. Two episodes stood out to me as great, and those were the ones explicitly not focused on the couple and their relationship but the families of Gouda and Sunagawa. I had problems identifying and empathizing with out protagonists and found Gouda to not only be offensively dense, but also stupidly invincible and unbeatable physically. In the end it was basically just as heavy on the "pussyfootin around" as any other romance anime despite not focusing on the chase.
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Memorable quotes not taken yet:

Of course, this ignores the non-constant cross-sectional first moment of area across the chest as well as non-constant material properties of the boob; it would be difficult to perform a more detailed analysis (as in, I'd have to have a shape function AND I'd need to derive a function for elastic modulus as a function of lateral breast coordinate) but whatever. It's 2am and I'm lazy.

I always believed science should be very hands on experience.

You should also answer this question I had posed in that thread: Would you be willing to pay your surgeon more if he was going to use a chainsaw for the opening incision of surgery? Clearly using a chainsaw isn't truly suited for surgery but that doesn't really matter. If he's "skilled" enough to be able to use the wrong tools of the trade, he should be rewarded for that skill right?

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