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Today, 6:19am

Thread: "Transports are definitely bugged on a few vanilla maps."

Today, 6:19am

Thread: "Symthic Rules (23.06.2016)"

Today, 6:18am

Post in thread: "Team Stacking"

Today, 6:18am

Thread: "why did DICE add hero pick up to domination and war pigeon, TDM. Are they stupid?"

Today, 6:17am

Post in thread: "Scoring the BF1 Sidearms"

Today, 6:17am

Post in thread: "What little changes would you bring to improve BF One after playing the open beta?"

Today, 6:16am

Thread: "Fighter Planes + Ranken Darts: A Balancing Disaster?"

Today, 6:13am

Thread: "Requirements for Specialization unlocks revealed"

Today, 6:11am

Post in thread: "Ranking Everything in BF1 Redux"

Today, 6:11am

Post in thread: "New Class Level 10 Weapon Variants in CTE"

Today, 6:09am

Post in thread: "Will DICE fix the support class?"

Today, 6:06am

Thread: "Automatico Trench vs Automatico Storm after nerf"

Today, 6:04am

Post in thread: "Improving class role effectiveness: Increasing the availability of both fundamental player to player interactions as well as situational gadgets. (Suggestion)"

Today, 6:03am

Forum: "Battlefield 1: General Discussion"

Today, 5:59am

Thread: "Symthic Rules (23.06.2016)"

Today, 5:57am

Thread: "Requirements for Specialization unlocks revealed"

Today, 5:56am

Post in thread: "Battlefield 1 beta thread"

Today, 5:55am

Thread: "Speculative; Thematic visual list of interesting WW1 weaponry"

Today, 5:53am

Post in thread: "Making Vertical Recoil random, just like H-Recoil"

Today, 5:51am

Thread: "Symthic Rules (23.06.2016)"

Today, 5:49am

Thread: "The problem of the support class in BF1"

Today, 5:49am

Thread: "Bipods are being reworked"