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Today, 8:37pm

Post in thread: "At what rank are you able to buy your final Warbond unlock?"

Today, 8:36pm

Thread: "Damage values from Air vehicles to ground?"

Today, 8:32pm

Post in thread: "Optimal vehicle and soldier sensitivity?"

Today, 8:30pm

Thread: "Spread / V-Recoil Increase / Recovery for Burst Weapons"

Today, 8:29pm

Thread: "Spread value"

Today, 8:28pm

Thread: "What is spawn rate for tanks?"

Today, 8:28pm

Post in thread: "Heavy Barrel Change"

Today, 8:26pm

Post in thread: "Pump-Shotgun Hipfire"

Today, 8:24pm

Thread: "Spotting time"

Today, 8:16pm

Post in thread: "Do permanently fixed attachments like the Ergo Grip on the Dao-12 or Folding Grip on MP7 affect the weapon or are they already represented in their stats?"

Today, 8:16pm

Post in thread: "M26 Stats"

Today, 8:14pm

Post in thread: "Additional Bullet via Tactical Reload"

Today, 8:14pm

Thread: "Extracting Battlefield 4 Texture Files."

Today, 8:09pm

Thread: "bf4 half fps stuttering/huge cpu spikes"

Today, 8:08pm

Thread: "audio coding(gstaudio) meanings"

Today, 8:08pm

Thread: "Unlimited Motion Sensor Balls - with downtime"