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Today, 11:40am

Post in thread: "When is Heavy Barrel really necessary?"

Today, 11:39am

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Today, 11:35am

Thread: "Suppressors and accuracy"

Today, 11:33am

Thread: "F2000: Hipfire Chainsaw and Microburst Miracle"

Today, 11:30am

Thread: "PDWs"

Today, 11:29am

Post in thread: "Shotguns and DMRs"

Today, 11:29am

Thread: "AA Mines: DICE pls"

Today, 11:29am

Post in thread: "AA Mines: DICE pls"

Today, 11:28am

Thread: "ACE 23 vs ACE 21 RPM"

Today, 11:26am

Thread: "Carbines"

Today, 11:23am

Post in thread: "SCAR Loadout Questions"

Today, 11:22am

Post in thread: "AEK Muzzle Break or Compensator? Loadout?"

Today, 11:21am

Post in thread: "Why the damage nerf should not be in the game."

Today, 11:20am

Post in thread: "Sniper Rifles General"