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Today, 7:03am

Thread: "What are the Presets ? (Battlelog function)"

Today, 7:03am

Thread: "Heavy Barrel ?"

Today, 7:03am

Post in thread: "Heavy Barrel ?"

Today, 7:01am

Post in thread: "New weapons coming to BF4 CTE"

Today, 7:00am

Post in thread: "Why do people say lock-on weapons are OP/for noobs"

Today, 6:59am

Thread: "Yeti Easter Egg Found - Nothing to See, Move Along"

Today, 6:56am

Post in thread: "New Patch Tweaks (Mar 4th)"

Today, 6:54am

Post in thread: "MaxSpread increased on CTE, especially LMGs"

Today, 6:54am

Post in thread: "Vehicle disable determined by hit location and not health"

Today, 6:51am

Post in thread: "Battlelog BF4 Features, and First look at second BF4 map"

Today, 6:50am

Post in thread: "Dragon's Teeth Weapons and Gadgets"

Today, 6:50am

Post in thread: "Post your Beta Experiences here"

Today, 6:50am

Post in thread: "Symthic VS Youtube (Livecasted on Nov 17th)"

Today, 6:50am

Thread: "BF4 hardcore mode..."

Today, 6:49am

Thread: "BF4 game experience (not whine)"

Today, 6:49am

Thread: "Symthic Platoon (old)"

Today, 6:48am

Post in thread: "Reasons why you prefer certain weapons"

Today, 6:45am

Post in thread: "BF4 Alpha Screenshot Leak"

Today, 6:45am

Post in thread: "1 hit kill bug"

Today, 6:43am

Post in thread: "Images of the 3 faction classes including weapons."

Today, 6:42am

Thread: "Spotting: Overboard or OK?"

Today, 6:37am

Post in thread: "Phantom Prospect: Password Found"

Today, 6:37am

Forum: "Battlefield 4: General discussion"

Today, 6:36am

Post in thread: "New things seen in June 11 livestream"

Today, 6:35am

Post in thread: "Sniper Rifles as Gadgets"

Today, 6:34am

Thread: "Confirmed & Speculative Vehicles"

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