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Today, 9:20pm

Post in thread: "Why can't I 1v1 anyone?"

Today, 9:20pm

Post in thread: "Would binoculars be beneficial in BF3?"

Today, 9:18pm

Post in thread: "Long range assault rifle ROF (semi auto)"

Today, 9:17pm

Thread: "Suppression - Hated by some, loved by others."

Today, 9:17pm

Thread: "Shotgun data"

Today, 9:16pm

Thread: "UMP-45 advantages?"

Today, 9:16pm

Thread: "Shotgun charts"

Today, 9:15pm

Post in thread: "Helicopter hitbox issue"

Today, 9:14pm

Thread: "Kobra/irons > holo for headshots?"

Today, 9:13pm

Post in thread: "Kobra/irons > holo for headshots?"

Today, 9:13pm

Forum: "Battlefield 3: Technical Discussion"

Today, 9:11pm

Thread: "How to Fire 1200 RPM with AN-94?"

Today, 9:10pm

Post in thread: "Individual Attachment Values (Updated)"

Today, 9:07pm

Thread: "Plotic - Graphical representation of weapon deadliness"

Today, 9:03pm

Post in thread: "Official Symthic.com Servers"

Today, 9:00pm

Thread: "US vs RU win% by map."

Today, 8:59pm

Post in thread: "Anti - Material Rifle Suggestions"

Today, 8:58pm

Post in thread: "Aftermath Patch 1.07 Details--Exact Patch Changes in Numbers"

Today, 8:57pm

Thread: "Shotgun charts"

Today, 8:54pm

Thread: "Quick questions & answers"

Today, 8:54pm

Post in thread: "Quick questions & answers"