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: Apr 17th 2017

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Tuesday, May 16th 2017, 7:48pm

Project Reality Weapon stats?

Searched in the search bar, didnt see anything on it, though I'm probably not the first to ask, but are there any plans for making damage graphs and stat comparisons for the Project Reality weapons? I'd be interested in seeing how they compare against each other, even though I have not played PR:BF2


Holy War? No Thanks.


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Wednesday, May 17th 2017, 1:51am

I do not know if this game is very popular on this site. I never heard of people here playing it a lot. Adding stats for a rather small audience would be quite a tedious and unrewarding task though. I guess though that the stats are accessible somehwere on the net and the data could be extracted from the files directly as well, like with the other games.

I would say that unless you do that yourself the odds are rather slim.

M16A4 | ProjectReality Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia There seems to be a wiki that tells you the damage, but if that is up-to-date I do not know. Also I am too lazy to look for multipliers.

A google search seems easy enough if you want to compare these things.

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