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Sunday, March 6th 2016, 11:36am

For me, if I want something, it's because I see it as a challenge. (For some things at least)

Original Phantom Bow Quest to unlock it? Heck yes.
1000+m headshots in bf4? Heck yes.
Evading laser designated missles in a jeep? Heck yes.
Grinding out all the attachments for all the weapons? Heck yes - still doing this now.
DICE LA Camo Easter Egg? Heck yes! (Even helped out quite a few people with this one)
Grinding out days in skyrim trying to unhide all of the local maps? Heck yes. Walking from Riften to Solitude and back again while being over 30k pounds encumbered? Heck yes... to a point.
Grinding out levels on multiple MMOs just so that I can run around in a really crappy set of good looking armor? Heck yes.
Mining tonnes of ore in EVE online to buy a membership without paying money? Heck yes. (also SPAaaaaaaace)
Eating a cinnamon stick for $50? Heck yes. (Don't do this. It tastes terrible)

Learning Morse Code well enough in a few days time so that I can read a blinking light and get a camo? Sorry, but I know I'm not that good. (And I don't have access to a smartphone!)

It all depends on how much you value each item that able to be unlocked.
I love unlocking things, and achievements, but if it requires something I hate it's a no go. E.G. If something requires me to play on BF4's Propaganda, I don't care how good it is, I will never unlock it.
To put it simply, I use a Reward/Effort equation. Weigh out pros and cons, if pros outweigh the cons, next consider the devoted time it requires and compare it to my real life schedule.
When it's all said and done, if the end result >=1 I will get it, regardless of the effort. Anything less, not worth it.
I love the math behind the statistics
It's possible to find me online at almost any given time, due to the fact that my schedule is hectic and rather non-existent.

Who needs sleep anyways?
(PC/PS4 gamer)

Various bf4 spreadsheets: (nothing special, just raw data from the Symthic website put into a spreadsheet to analyze all values at once)

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General Weapon spreadsheet:
Soldier Equipment:
Interactive Damage Table
bf4_dmg_at_range - Google Sheets
Unsuppressed Sniper Rifle Bullet Drop Charts
Suppressed Sniper Rifle Bullet Drop Charts
Suppressed bf4_sniper_guide
More user friendly Unsuppressed Sniper Rifle Bullet Drop Chart
Friendlier Sniper rifle Bullet Drop Chart
More user friendly Suppressed Sniper Rifle Bullet Drop Chart
Friendlier Suppressed Sniper Rifle Bullet Drop Chart

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Sunday, March 6th 2016, 5:33pm

Time investment in online FPS games should be a complete necessity to be competitive. In the DiCE LA camo's case, the reward isn't getting better and improving but a band-aid for an issue that higher level players face and cannot counter effectively. FLIR and IRNV makes recognizing enemies a treat - effectively skipping you the learning process of being able to tell apart enemies from the background, and the camo skips you the need to run smoke grenades if you want to be covered from FLIR and IRNV.

It's disappointing that reward for putting in hours into a game is a fading trend nowadays.
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Sunday, March 6th 2016, 6:36pm

If the process of attaining something is fun I don't mind, unlock guns through regular gameplay? Cool, would be playing game anyway, might have to play a little differently but that's alright. I never really understood the point of performing a repetitive boring task, like clearing one dungeon over and over even when you don't enjoy the act of doing so, just for something of limited aesthetic value such as a camouflage or skin.

MMO's aren't my thing.


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Monday, March 7th 2016, 5:22am

That's pretty much the reason why I stopped playing WoT ages ago. Unlocking new tanks etc just wasn't fun after certain level (at start it was fun and all because you unlocked the thing you wanted before you interest faded).

That is the trap of WoT. I start stopped playing for a year or so. Now i've been messing around for a week or two with it and realize i'm reallllllllllyyyyyy close to a bunch of tier 6,7,8, and one 9 tank.


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Monday, March 7th 2016, 8:36pm

Why 22 minutes?




  • "yugas42" started this thread

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Monday, March 7th 2016, 10:31pm

Why 22 minutes?

22 minutes was the time someone mentioned it taking to unlock the DICE camo after having done it a few times. I used 22 minutes because it was part of the original discussion that made me want to make this thread.