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Today, 12:52am

The problems with AA start to show on a map (Fjell 652) that dont have the mobile AA tanks (which are a tad OP against inf and airplanes).
The stationary fixed AA positions (pro pilots love this) and current repairsystem with the instant HP features means surviving an accurate barrage isnt really difficult (and that's without doing evasive maneuvers i.e. barrel rolls, etc).

Infantry shooting airplanes doesnt mean anything in this game. And that's really a pity. Infantry dealing partdamage to airplanes is currently meaningless. Whereas airplanes shooting infantry (the fighterplanes with rockets) is pretty much without risk and easy to do.

DICE needs to rehaul it because all in all, it's not balanced.

Yeah but thanks to he vehicle spawn system, the AA does not have to compete with the planes, but with the other land vehicles. If the AA is not an attractive choice (and that means being effective against infantry), it will simply not get spawned regardless of the damage planes do. I just do not understand why you would be allowed to choose a vehicle that can be crucial for the match. BF4 MAA had problems itself, with being very powerful against infantry and even vehicles but at least it could stand and exist on it's own.

As a side anecdote that really bothered me a couple of days ago on Fjell: I did not know that there were four planes per side. In that round we had three Spitfire pilots going 30-0 each, and I manned the AA at E half the round, and I could not kill a single one of them, I did do a bit of damage all the time, but the geography and probably self-repair hindered me to destroy one. I was not alone either. The AA on B and D was manned part of time as well. The damage is not the whole problem, but I would often only see the planes for a short amount of time, or when they were trying to strafe me, and then I have to turn around aim and shoot and have neough time to do 30-60 damage, that will be fully repaired within seconds.
The most ridiculous moment was when that guy strafed me, received sixty points of damage, and roadkilled me, which is just impossible, without crashing. Obviously you do not lose control when being hit by a 20mm cannon, and the game is very tolerant about flying through objects, but stepping over a pebble requires vaulting.