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Yesterday, 7:11pm

I have to say, the halftrack might just possibly the most OP thing in the entire game, just like the AMTRAC in BF4. It is just so underrated. You can not spot that thing, it is decently armoured, it is unbelievably unsuspicious, anybody can repair it and it has two MG34s to use upfront. Forget playing Medic on these stupidly large maps, choose the death ambulance!


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Yesterday, 10:47pm


I leveled up all my classes by using half-tracks instead of the infantry weapons.

They're good and no some maps/modes even necessary. If you park a half-track on one of the objective in Airborne, you can pretty much guarantee your team will take it.
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Today, 2:55am

This is what I've been saying about MRAPs for years. Now with the halftrack you become invincible against 2 classes while support either has to get close enough to plant mines under you (in which case that's on you) or do minimal damage with the grenade gun. So assaults are all you really have to worry about. Once you have your seats mapped switching between seats 1 and 3 is almost instant. The roof MGs kill in three hits and the port MG is still very deadly and totally protected. Getting sensitivity right on console takes some time but once it clicks these things are killing machines. Going engineer combat role also allows the MGs to fire for days and unlike tank MGs you never run out of ammo. The MGs also penetrate cover quite nicely. Had a good run on Narvik breakthrough on the first 2 objectives shooting guys through the sand bags on the rail bridge.

Panzerfausts also only do 50% damage with good angles and I've seen them do ~20 damage before. I'd be curious to know if the patch changed their damage to halftracks at all. The main threat is part disables especially on the 251 since the M3 at least has full 360 aiming on its turret which the 251 doesn't, leaving it vulnerable to flanks when a track/ engine is broken. That said the M3's port MG is significantly worse. As far as I can tell it does the same damage but at a slower fire rate. So I'll take a 251 any day. I also like that crew exit the 251 from the rear, not a door on the side. It makes escaping a doomed vehicle much easier.

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Today, 5:34am

I love the halftracks, it's so nice to actually have a vehicle like this that is more than just a glorified, disposable taxi.
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