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Sunday, September 9th 2018, 9:00pm

Disappearing duplicate weapons bug

So I have had 4 ZH-29 rifles and so far have had 3 disappear on me. On blank one fully upgraded and one partially upgraded. The last one just happened a few minutes ago.

Apparently everything is fine until you go into the armory and receive the weapon crates that you have unlocked that are filled with cosmetic customizations. When you go into that area your duplicate weapons disappear(possibly only for the weapons you unlocked items for). If you want to keep duplicate weapons with different upgrade paths then DO NOT receive any of the unlocks on the very left side of the armory menu. This bug has cost me time and at least 6k in the in game currency already.

Since sniping is the only real reason im still playing the beta im almost at the point of just dropping it rather than grinding back enough point to use a weapon I enjoy.
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