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Monday, June 18th 2018, 3:20am

Combattants in WWII were of the nation's origin and male, all the examples used to justify are statistically irrelevant, albeit interesting, anecdotes.

Well, the Jackhammer was basically fan service for BF2 players, but yeah it never came out of prototype status.

Everytime someone points out the general facts, they are greeted with the grotesque anecdotes and irrelevant statistics. "Mad Jack" Churchill probably had his nickname for a reason. The Korean guy in the Wehrmacht, probably had a crazy story to tell, too, and you will likely find a female spotlight operator that played an active combat role, you just have to dig deep enough. But is this really all that a developer wants to teach a player about this conflict? The game has an educational value, as well.

As for prototypes. They serve a gameplay purpose. Without stuff like the Hellriegel the game would be rather boring. I am sorry to say that a customization this deep, does not.

The only valid argument for having minorities is to create an understanding how bad the situation really was and this means you should tell their story.

This is Racist. Your position is indefensible.

The people in these conflicts, no matter how rare or unwilling were real combatants, real people with real stories. They are not "grotesque anecdotes" or "irrelevant statistics".

You cannot in good conscience claim "As for prototypes. They serve a gameplay purpose. Without stuff like the Hellriegel the game would be rather boring" Whilst also claiming that "he only valid argument for having minorities is to create an understanding how bad the situation really was"

The argument for including anything in a game with a historical setting defaults to - It existed and participated - or - It existed - .

The Hellriegel Fits the latter argument, as it did exist, if functionally only on paper.

Non-white and Female people fit both arguments, they existed, and participated.

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Monday, June 18th 2018, 3:23am

virtue signalling

buzzwords like "inclusive" and "diverse"

To think that "virtue signalling" is anything other than an internet buzzword... while also thinking that "inclusive" and "diverse" are buzzwords.

I'm speechless.
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Monday, June 18th 2018, 3:49am

Uhh, we're starting to confront each other's opinions, let's try to nip this in the bud and not become r/battlefield.

As I said in the first post, this was meant more as an expression of opinion than an assertion of it.
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Monday, June 18th 2018, 4:12am

I mean Darktan is literally correct: There have been exactly as many handicapped black women serving in the Wehrmacht during WW2 as there will ever be Pancor Jackhammers used by a military force.

To say that black women nazi's poses a problem of aunthenticity but vapour ware guns and hover tanks doesn't because it's "fun" is hilariously arbitrary.

Now I don't know about you, but I think a handicapped black woman avatar teabagging some nazi-boi they just gunned down is absolutely fucking hilarious.




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Monday, June 18th 2018, 5:44am

This thread started going off course before it hit page two and I'm going to stop it now. It's been proven to me that some of us cannot handle talking about games and how none of them have an obligation to be historically, factually, or otherwise accurate. I feel that if I were to cut the last two pages off of this thread, the same garbage would surface again tomorrow morning, so I think we're done. Understandably, r/Battlefield has already banned this topic and if this kind of thing continues to pop up we may take some kind of action as well, albeit probably less severe than that. I would like to think that our group here can be more mature about such a discussion than Reddit can be.

I ask that any of you with sexist, racist, or generally prejudice dispositions leave that kind of shit at the door, otherwise I'll show you said door myself.