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Saturday, September 8th 2018, 11:41am

Tried the open beta. After 6-7 hours (I uninstalled it now) I can say:

- they did a good job on the optimization compared to alpha, more work is to be done ofc

- soundeffects were slightly off and are mediocre, it does not approach the BF1 level of soundquality (always using stereo 2.0 with highquality headphones)

- noone spots. Even not the non-noob scout players above level 6. They just dont. It never happens. They never bring out their spotting scope.

- vehicle combat was meh, but the maps dont offer that great gameplay for vehicles either. I like the drop on the shells and the MG, the overheat, limited ammo and the new turret system

- conquest is still a merry-go round with zerging flags

- since the opposite team is using the same weapons as you, the combat is usually bland and the same

- I have felt 0 historic authenticity. Wether this is due to freedom of weapon loadouts or the weird uniforms and out-of-place gender, it plays out like it has no soul. Might as well play CoD, which has roughly same gameplay now and the same authenticity. I dont get the soul of authenticity that I got from BF1942, BF2. It doesnt matter if you play german or allied, it's all bland.
- new TTK favors high ROF weapons, since most engagements take place <30m, their recoil is well controllable. Lot of ADAD spam too. It feels out of place to see medics do up close ADAD spamming twitchmoves while racking up kills with high ROF weapons and healing themselves pretty much instantly.
- recon is easiest class. Sniping is again easy as hell on PC, it tends to get quite boring fast
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Saturday, September 8th 2018, 1:37pm

If I had to conclude my beta experiences I would say: It is fun when playing with other people and when one found a working meta. But that same thing could be said about every other BF game before and many other games.

I will grant them that basically everything is better than BF1 and even by a large amount. But that is like saying it is better to just have cold than pneumonia. The gunplay is better, the visuals are better the classic gameplay mechanics are better, but they are all inferior to BF3 and 4.

Furthermore all mechanics that are new I either do not care about or I find them detrimental to gameplay: Battle Royale, Tides of War, Extreme customization, No-Autoheal, the Attrition system, the fortifications, crates, revives and especially the lack of spotting/visibility. For it has all been better, more teamplay-oriented and tactical in BF4, whilst also being very accessible and fun for every player type.

Still the gameplay is decent for a shooter, but not even average for a BF game. The most annoying things are though have little to do with the gameplay. It feels like the game is actively not wanting you to play it. Matchmaking does not work reliably, playing with your friends is incredibly hard and full of bugs and inherent flaws, I have had more crashes then with every other beta I played, or release build and with each crash I have to spend ages to load the main menu and the map. Yesterday just starting the game and joining a server after a crash took me 5 minutes and it often did not work at all.
The biggest issue however is the UI/UX. It is complete and utter trash. To get from the server page to customizing my loadout I have to do roughly seven button presses or mouse clicks, each one with a fade-in animation, even more if I decide to actually customize individual parts of my weapon. To top it off, every menu only utilizes a third of the screen. It is plain horrible. To do the same thing in battlelog it would have taken me two clicks, or I could just do it all in-game with a little more effort.
This carries over to every aspect of the game. If I need to respawn, I see a stream of my squadmate that has no tactical relevance so I have to go back to the big screen and again watch a one second fade-in animation. Every action that I take requires me to press a button or hold a button, every action also needs an animation that puts me off balance. Instead of putting the info on the screen in two places they decided to put it everywhere, and also really small which is a strain on my eyes.

Balance wise it does seem to work mostly, but Rotterdam and Narvik are maps that have a clear close to medium engagement range with limited vehicles. Once they release the wide open maps where every engagement is either point blank or long range along with more vehicles this will drastically shift in favour towards the Assault and Recon while the Medic gets royally screwed.

This game is, as conclusion, inherently flawed and will release in this stage regardless of the date. It will still have a terrible UI/UX and still require Origin to play with friends. You can fix and balance certain weapons but not the core.

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Saturday, September 8th 2018, 2:46pm

The World Champion is on the border between disappointed and disgusted. While Battlefield 1 has it's faults and there are many at the end of the day The World Champion would have fun and that is what missing here with Battlefield V, looking for supplies is not fun. Everybody camping because one gun out kills all the others is not fun. Being unable to communicate that there are people in this house with a spot is not fun. It is a literal fun void. Another thing is the total lack of information of upgrades. This up grade increased ROF but lowers damage, wouldn't know it since it doesn't say it. The Would Champion knows what Zimmerit does in real life, but do any of you know what it does in game since the game doesn't tell you.
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Sunday, September 9th 2018, 2:15am


I agree with the UI/UX part. The team who designed it either doesnt play the game enough or didnt take in feedback from testers. An example would be selecting weapons. In previous BFs, if you want to select the weapon, you can click on it and escape out, and you will respawn with your selected weapon. In BFV on multiple occasions I was wondering why my selected weapon was not actually selected, and the reason is that I have to click the "Equip" button. This is just clunky UI design.


I was about to say the same thing about CQ map design of Rotterdam. Still a ring-around-the-rosey map design like BF1. I am not a map designer but when you play a game long enough, you know what map design is good and what is bad.

I have no expectation of authenticity after the first trailer. I am just trying out the Beta to check out the gameplay.

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Friday, October 5th 2018, 1:54pm

as someone who missed the beta, how do the vehicle classes work? Is it like BF1 where they all share the same vehicle slot or have they gone back to the old system of separating them and giving each team 1 medium and 1 heavy etc? I'm hoping they went back to the old system. Also can we spawn in transports again? BF1 leaving that out was just awful.


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Saturday, October 6th 2018, 1:18am

Same as BF1.

With vehicles being just as, if not more, rare.
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