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  • "DerpishBanana" started this thread

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Sunday, January 3rd 2016, 5:13pm

L86a2 aggresive style


in bf3 the m27-iar and the l86a2 were my fav guns , now that they brought one of em in bf4 i wanne play with that thing for most of the time , now atm i gave it an laser , HB+Angled . (Do quite good with this loadout) , now my problem is , is this an aggressive typeof loadout , since i saw some people run it with an suppressor instaid of an HB . Would HB be better or suppressor , i play in conquest large all the time


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Sunday, January 3rd 2016, 5:37pm

Depends on how much to value stealth, and what range you'll be playing at.
Don't give a rats ass about staying off the mini map, or will be engaging at longer ranges: Heavy barrel.
Like being sneaky, and won't be shooting things geet far off: Suppressor.


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Sunday, January 3rd 2016, 7:32pm

If you are really aggressive then maybe use ergo... Lmgs need a bit of help with their strafing accuracy and hipfire.