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Monday, August 3rd 2015, 4:11am

Is there still visual recoil on iron sights (and canted irons)?

So, I've been running with a Coyote for months under the impression that iron sights didn't get the visual recoil fix from waaaaay back, but then I saw this post by Rezal, and a everyone else agreeing with him. I can't find confirmation one way or another, and I can't tell just by looking (tried with the ACE-21 today) - did I miss an iron sight visual recoil fix?

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Monday, August 3rd 2015, 6:11am

Irons still have visual recoil. Fortunately, visual recoil on ironsights is typically engineered so that the rear sight does most of the wobbling. The front sight stays relatively still.

Rezal advocates ironsights for an entirely different reason.

Red Dot Sights are typically poor sight choices because they offer very little zoom. Why is this bad?

Aside from point blank CQB ranges, you won't be able to clearly see your targets.

Amidst complaints of "netcode" and "mah hit detection" it is quite difficult to tell the difference between bad play and bad networking when you cannot visibly tell where the bullets went. Like when people equip RDSs and try to shoot at targets >50m.

It is especially laughable for DMRs to be using RDS and HOLO sights.

Aside from weapons that simply cannot reach farther than spitting distance, you'd want to use 3.4x or 4x optics. Even then, ironsights offer slight zoom for mid-range situations.

What do you use for CQB situations then?

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Monday, August 3rd 2015, 6:12am

Yes, iron sights still utilize visual recoil.
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I assume a functional game (BF4) also.

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Tuesday, August 4th 2015, 4:13am

Place your finger (or any object) at the very centre of your screen. Now walk while aiming, forward, sideways, jump, land, be next to an explosion, shoot the gun, etc. Does your aiming device ever move whatsoever from that dead centre point?

If yes, it has Visual Recoil (it would be more accurately be called misalignment, but the name was catchy and stuck).

Vehicles have it as well, as the projectile either spawns from the camera or another fixed position as well, thus any HUD movement is wrong, just as most rifle sights used to be.
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